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Mushroom - LTTP art.png
Official artwork from A Link to the Past



A Link to the Past
Lost Woods
Link's Awakening
Mysterious Forest
Ocarina of Time
Lost Woods
Majora's Mask
Woods of Mystery
Oracle of Seasons
Cave on Mt. Cucco
The Minish Cap
Witch's Hut
Skyward Sword
Faron Province


A Link to the Past
Ingredient for Magic Powder
Oracle of Seasons
Part of the trading sequence; can be traded for the Wooden Bird


The Mushroom is an item appearing in several The Legend of Zelda games in many different forms. Generally, it is part of either a Trading Sequence or a quest item.

A Link to the Past

Mushroom inventory sprite from A Link to the Past

"Magic Mushroom
Found only in a damp, misty glen in the Lost Woods, the Magic Mushroom is a much-sought-after item by Witches. Witches will not enter the Lost Woods, but they reward anyone who offers them a Magic Mushroom. It's a key ingredient in Mushroom brew-a rare Hylian concoction.

Mushroom sprite from A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, a mushroom can be found in the Lost Woods. Link can then take it to the Magic Shop, where the witch Syrup can utilize its nutrients to concoct a substance known as Magic Powder.

Link's Awakening

Main article: Sleepy Toadstool

The Sleepy Toadstool is an item in Link's Awakening that can be found in the Mysterious Forest. Like in A Link to the Past, Link can take it to Syrup for Magic Powder.

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Odd Mushroom

The Odd Mushroom in Ocarina of Time is a part of the Trading Sequence. Link receives it from the boy in the Lost Woods, and he asks him to take it to Granny at her shop. She uses it to make the Odd Potion.

Majora's Mask

Main article: Magic Mushroom

In Majora's Mask, Magic Mushrooms can be found using the Mask of Scents. Link can then give them to Kotake at the Magic Hags' Potion Shop to make Blue Potion.

Oracle of Seasons

"Your is now a Mushroom! It smells weird."

— In-game description
Mushroom sprite from Oracle of Seasons

The Mushroom is the ninth item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It is a fairly strongly smelling fungus,[1][2] and is used to make Syrup's Magic Potion.[3]

The Mushroom is acquired from Talon, a man who lives in a house in North Horon but can be found sleeping in a cave on Mt. Cucco.[4][5] In order to wake up Talon, Link has to use the Megaphone to shock him awake.[6] After waking up, Talon rambles for a bit before realizing that he slept through winter.[7] Since he cannot get to the summit of Mt. Cucco anymore, he decides to head home to Malon.[7] Before he leaves, he takes the Megaphone from Link, giving him the Mushroom in return.[7]

The Mushroom can be further used to acquire the tenth item in the trading sequence, the Wooden Bird. This exchange occurs between Link and Syrup, a witch who runs a potion shop in Sunken City. Once approached, Syrup tells Link of how she would ask her apprentice, Maple, to go get a Mushroom so she can make Magic Potion, but Maple hasn't come back yet.[3] If Link talks to Syrup with the Mushroom in hand, Syrup sniffs it out, and proposes a trade for the Wooden Bird.[8] If Link agrees, Syrup takes the Mushroom and begins making Magic Potion, so she can open up shop soon.[9]

Rock Mushrooms

Main article: Rock Mushroom

Also in Oracle of Seasons, there is a type of mushroom called Rock Mushrooms. They are found all over the overworld, and act as obstacles. They can only be picked in autumn, so until Link gains the power to change the season to autumn, they cannot be picked or moved.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Wake-Up Mushroom

The Wake-Up Mushroom of The Minish Cap can be bought from Syrup at her hut in Minish Woods for 60 Rupees. It will awaken Rem.

Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword's mushrooms are found only in the Faron Woods and Skyview Temple. Link can hit them with his sword to carve in temporary slashes. When hit, they produce Mushroom Spores that can be trapped in a bottle. Sometimes the mushrooms will glow slightly, so that Link can collect Glittering Spores from around them instead.


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