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Can be traded for the Mushroom

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 メガホン (Megaphone)
France Française Porte-voix (Megaphone)
Spain Español Megáfono (Megaphone)
Germany Deutsch Megaphon (Megaphone)
Italy Italiana Megafono (Megaphone)

"Your is now a Megaphone! Give a shout!"

— In-game description

The Megaphone is the eighth item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It can be used to shout loudly.[1]

The Megaphone is obtained from Mittens' Owner, a man found in the area called North Horon, just north of Horon Village. Mittens' Owner's cat, Mittens, is stuck in a tree, and won't come down, no matter how many times her owner calls her.[2] However, if Link talks to Mittens' Owner while with the Fish, he asks to have it so he can get Mittens down.[3] Using the Fish, Mittens' Owner is able to successfully lure down Mittens. As a reward, Mittens' Owner gives Link the Megaphone,[4] which he was using to try and call down Mittens.

The Megaphone can then be used to acquire the ninth item in the trading sequence, the Mushroom. The Mushroom can be acquired from Talon, who can be found in a cave on Mt. Cucco, sleeping.[5] Link can use the Megaphone to wake him up,[6] Which results in Talon jumping awake.[7] Once Talon regains his thoughts, he realizes his slept through winter, meaning he can't reach the summit.[7] On his haste to return home, he takes the Megaphone from Link, giving him the Mushroom in exchange.[7]



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