Iron Shield

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Iron Shield
Artwork from Skyward Sword




100 Rupees


Block attacks


The Iron Shield is a durable defensive item that replaces the Wooden Shield that appears in Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages and Skyward Sword.


Oracle Series

Skyward Sword

The Iron Shield is the second shield Link can purchase in Skyward Sword. This shield is much more durable than the three shields Link can purchase. It has resistance to fire-based attacks, but conducts electricity. This shield can be obtained before Link sets out for Eldin Volcano at a cost of 100 Rupees. Link can use Treasures to upgrade to the Reinforced Shield and the Fortified Shield.


Reinforced Shield

Reinforced Shield.png
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The first upgrade to the Iron Shield, this is much more durable and can take an average beating. This shield requires 2 Eldin Ores, 2 Monster Claws, 2 Ornamental Skulls and 50 Rupees to upgrade.

Fortified Shield

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The last upgrade to the Iron Shield, this takes a much higher amount of damage than the Reinforced Shield before it breaks. This shield requires 3 Eldin Ores, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Tumbleweeds, 1 Blue Bird Feather and 100 Rupees to upgrade.