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Poe Clock





Can be traded for the Stationery

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Montre Poe (Poe Watch)
Spain Español Reloj de Poe (Poe Clock)
Germany Deutsch Irrlicht-Uhr (Poe Clock)
Italy Italiana Orologio Poe (Poe Clock)

"You got the Poe Clock! It lightens the heart?"

— In-Game Description

The Poe Clock is the first item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Ages. It is a simple clock used to tell time; however, its description says it lightens the heart,[1][2] which could imply it is more than just a clock.

The Poe Clock can be obtained in the Present by heading to the Yoll Graveyard. Link can find the Clock Poe outside its grave; however, the Clock Poe is trapped beneath its grave, and wants Link to help him move on to the afterlife.[3] The rock that blocks the path to the grave can be pulled away using the Power Bracelet or the Power Glove. When Link enters the grave and talks to the Clock Poe, the Clock Poe says that Link has helped him move on. He thanks Link and exits the grave.[4] He also gives Link the Poe Clock, saying that he does not need it anymore, and then moves on peacefully.[5]

The Poe Clock can be used to acquire the second item in the trading sequence, the Stationery. This trade occurs with the Postman, who can be found within the Post Office in Lynna Village, in the Past. The Postman wants to deliver the mail on time, but he cannot do so because he does not know the time.[6] Link can then show him the Poe Clock,[7] which the Postman sees tells time and asks Link to have it.[8] In exchange, the Postman gives Link the Stationery,[8] and then bustles out the door.



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