Mermaid Suit

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Mermaid Suit




Allows Link to dive and swim in deep water. Boosts Link's swimming speed.



The Mermaid Suit is the dungeon item found within Mermaid's Cave in Oracle of Ages. The suit serves as an upgrade to the Zora's Flippers as it will allow Link to swim in deeper waters. Additionally, the Mermaid Suit allows Link to dive underneath the water, and explore the areas in dungeons and beneath the sea. This unique diving ability is required as Link journeys through Mermaid's Cave and later on through Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Link's swimming speed will increase when he acquires Mermaid Suit, as well as his ability to swim against strong currents.

The control scheme that Link uses to swim will change when he acquires the Mermaid Suit. Before when Link had the Zora's Flippers, Link could just hold one of the directions on the d-pad, causing Link to swim in that direction. Once he acquires the Mermaid Suit, Link will swim by tapping the directional pad. Pressing the A-button will allow Link to use items underwater, such as his sword or the Switch Hook. Pressing the B-button will cause Link to dive underwater or to resurface.

"The skin of the mythical beast."

— In-Game Description[1]




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