Zora Village

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Zora Village

Zora Village is a village found underwater in the Zora Seas of Labrynna in Oracle of Ages. Here, many Zoras, King Zora, and Lord Jabu-Jabu live. Link must have the Mermaid Suit to enter Zora Village.

The Zora Seas have been polluted, and as a consequence, King Zora and Jabu-Jabu are near death. After curing King Zora in the past, he gives Link the Library Key in the present, which will allow Link to stop the pollution of the Zora Seas. After clearing the Zora Seas, Jabu-Jabu will also be cured, and Link can enter him to get the Rolling Sea, an Essences of Time.

After retrieving the Rolling Sea, a Zora gives Link the Zora Scale, which is required for Link to move on in his quest.