The Star Fragment is one of the most elusive materials obtainable in Breath of the Wild. You’ve probably seen some shooting through the sky at night, or maybe in a treasure chest, but they are incredibly rare. This guide will help you track down the fallen treasures and what you can do with them.


In order for you to effectively farm star fragments, you’ll need to prepare yourself with some helpful gear.

First, make sure you have lots of wood. This can be obtained by felling trees of all types, or by finding some bundles at the various stables. We recommend heading to the Rito Stable, as there are many logs stored here ready for chopping. You can use an axe to cut them up, but any two-handed weapon should work. If you don’t want to waste your precious durability, bombs work great too.

In order to use this wood to start campfires, it is recommended you get your hands on a flame-producing weapon. Good candidates include:

  • Flameblade
  • Great Flameblade
  • Flamespear
  • Fire Rod

These elemental weapons can be found in a bounty at the Coliseum Ruins, just north of the Great Plateau, though be warned; a tough Lynel roams the wreckage, so take care. Alternatively, head to the Ancient Tree Stump, also in the Central region, where a Great Flameblade can be found guarded by a couple of enemies.

If you can’t find any flame weapons, you can always use some Flint in conjunction with a metal weapon to start a fire.

Method One:

The first method is very simple. First, head on over to the Great Plateau Tower. Here, you should start a campfire and sit until noon. Then, relight the campfire (or start a new one) and wait until night. The reason you need to wait until noon the first time as it resets the star fragment’s spawn counter, which increases your chances of seeing one fall in the night. Now, head over to the edge of the tower looking out towards Hyrule Castle. The fragments typically fall in close proximity to the Riverside Stable, so be sure to keep an eye on that location too.

Star Fragments tend to fall between the hours of 9:00PM and 2:00AM during the night, but in rare cases they can fall later. You will have until 5:00AM to collect the fragment, as they disappear at dawn.

Once you see a fragment fall, you will notice a tall, golden beacon at its location. Be sure to use the Scope feature of your Sheikah Slate to pin the location on your map. This will make it a little easier to find later. Warp to the closest point to the fragment, and make a beeline for it, since you will only have a couple of minutes until it vanishes. To ensure you get there in time, you can take out a horse from a stable, or, if you have the Stealth armor upgraded to level 2, make sure you wear it, as it gives you increased speed during the night. Hasty Elixirs will also work. Once you’ve claimed your reward, head on back to the Great Plateau Tower once more and repeat the process until you have collected the desired amount.

Method Two:

If you are having trouble with the first method, we have prepared an alternative method, though it takes slightly longer.

Start by warping over to the Dueling Peaks Stable. Here you will find a man called Hino who will tell you about the different stages of the moon, and what the moon phase will be the coming night. Make sure you come to the stable during the daytime, and also when it isn’t raining. Should it be raining, you can either sleep until the next day, or wait until the rain stops, since Hino will be unable to tell the upcoming phase of the moon whilst it is raining. The plan here is to talk with him until he says there will be a full moon that night. There is a cycle to the phases, listed below:

  • A Little Smaller
  • Third Quarter
  • 26th Day
  • New Moon
  • Crescent Moon
  • 7-Day Moon
  • 13th Day Moon
  • Full Moon

Once you are informed of the impending full moon, warp up to the Shee Vaneer Shrine on top of the southern Dueling Peak. Start a campfire, and wait until night. Next, you’ll want to look over towards the Hateno Tower. Our best advice here is to climb to the very top then jump on top of the Shrine. This will ensure no enemies will bother you whilst you wait. It is important that you center your view on the tower, as the fragment will always fall in that immediate area. Once you see the fragment fall, repeat the same process as in the first method.

Uses of Star Fragments:

The primary use of the fragments is in the enhancement of high-level armor pieces, such as the Ancient and Wild armor sets. They are also necessary to enhance all of the amiibo-exclusive armor pieces in the game, which means you will have to do immense amounts of farming in order to max out all your armor. We wish you the best of luck.