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The Construct Factory Walkthrough is a full guide to completing the Construct Factory in Tears of the Kingdom. It includes a guide for the dungeon, including finding all four body parts for Mineru's Construct. The four body parts can be acquired in any order.

Left-Leg Depot

  • The Left-Leg Depot is found just southeast of the Construct Factory and is easily accessible. Examine the pedestal to get a block to drop down, also causing the gate at the entrance to close.
  • Lift the block and place it on the platform with the Rockets. Activate the rockets while standing on the platform and Link, along with the block, will fly up to the upper level.
  • At the upper floor, turn the wheel, causing the bridge to angle downward. You want to angle it so that when the box is launched with a rocket, it will move up the ramp and over the gap.
  • Grab the block and attach two Rockets, one on each side of the block. Place it on the ramp so the rockets are facing out into the open. Activate the rocket and the platform will launch over the gap. If you need to try again, you can get some additional rockets from the Device Dispenser in this room.
  • Once the block has been shot up to the higher ledge, run over and climb up the wall.
  • Grab the block from the water with Ultrahand and then carry it to the northwest. Simply drop it off the ledge and then follow behind. Carry the block with Ultrahand to where the body parts are being constructed.
  • Place the block next to the pedestal and it will shatter, leaving behind the Left Leg. Use Ultrahand to put it in its place.

Video Walkthrough

Right-Leg Depot

  • The Right-Leg Depot is located directly east of the Construct Factory. From next to the Construct Factory, Link can use Brightbloom Seeds to climb up the giant bone structure, which leads north to the Uisihcoj Lightroot. From there, Link can travel east onto some massive platforms, eventually being able to glide over to the Right-Leg Depot.
  • Walk over to the pedestal and examine it, which causes a block to drop down and the gate to close behind you. Link will need to carry this block through the Depot, coming out of the other exit, and bring it back to the Construct Factory.
  • Use Ultrahand and grab the block that contains the Right-Leg. Carry it to the south a bit and place it on one the metal platforms that have a bunch of fans attached to them. Strike the fans while standing on the platform and it will left Link and the block up to the higher level. Grab the block, as well as one of the fans, and move them off the platform.
  • On the next floor, there is a rail that spirals around the room with a nearby hook on top of the rail. Along the rail though, there are some pillars holding it up, complicating how exactly to move the hook along the rail. Grab one of the Hooks and fuse it with the Block. Do so in an arrangement so that the hook is on top of the block, but that the opening is facing to the side. Then attach the Fan on top of the hook.
  • Grab the contraption and place it on the rail and then shoot the fan with an arrow. The air will flow the contraption along the rail, up through the room to the higher ledge. Run over and climb the wall to get up to the higher area.
  • Once again place the block on one of the vertical platforms that looks like an elevator, and hit the fan, causing it to go up. Grab the block and pull it off of the elevator.
  • Climb up the north side of the room and you'll find a Wing and a Steering Stick. Grab them with Ultrahand and bring them down below, where the block is. Attach the Steering Stick to the center of the Wing, and then also attach the Block to the device. Carry the fan over to the opening and place it on the rail. Jump on top of it and let it float off the ledge. Use the Steering Stick to glide the wing down to the Construct Factory.
  • Detach the block and carry it over to pedestal where we previously placed Mineru's Mask. The block will shatter, revealing just the Right-Leg. Use Ultrahand to place it into the pedestal.

Video Walkthrough

Left-Arm Depot

  • The path to the Left-Arm Depot is fairly straight forward. Head south from the Construct Factory and southwest from the nearby Lightroot. Once you arrive, examine the pedestal to get the block to drop down.
  • Strike the wheel that is attached to the chain and the door, causing the door to lift up.
  • Use Ultrahand to bring the block through the open door. On the other side of the door, grab the two Big Wheels that are found here. Attach them to each side of the block, so that the wheels are facing the same direction.
  • Place the block in the lava and stand on top of it. Hit the wheels to roll across the lava to the other side.
  • The next area is virtually identical to the previous area. The platform needs to be extended horizontally and thew heels on each side. Place the block with wheels on the lava and activate it, riding across the lava.
  • Grab one of the Big Wheels and attach it to one of the chains. Then attach the wheel as well to the door. Activate the wheel and it will spin, opening the door. You might need to turn the wheel around the other way.
  • Attach two Fans to the block and drop it in the water. Activate the fans to blow the platform down the water. Once it hits the ramp, you can deactivate the fans, as gravity will pull Link down. At the bottom of the water, the block will fall into a stream. Follow the block and use Ultrahand to grab it and pull it out of the water.
  • Take the block to the Construct Factory and place it next to the pedestal. It will break open, so use Ultrahand to place the Left-Arm into the construct.

Video Walkthrough

Right-Arm Depot

  • To reach the Right-Arm Depot, cross the bridge, just west of the Construct Factory. The supply depot is way up and the stairs is filled with Gloom. Instead, make your way just underneath the entrance to the depot and then use Ascend to climb up to the top.
  • Activate the pedestal to get the block to drop down. Use Ultrahand and simply carry it up the ledge just to the right.
  • There is a large electrified platform here. Attach two Small Wheels, to the corners of the block. Then flip the block so it sits on top of the electric platform. It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned and can be somewhat unstable, as long as it doesn't fall over. Climb up and hit the small wheels with an arrow. The block will ride across the electric platform.
  • Carry the block to the next area and this time attach four wheels to it, making a small car. Buried behind the large platforms is a Steering Stick that Link can also attach to the block.
  • Activate the wheels and use the steering stick to ride the device down the stairs, over the Gloom. Just ride right passed enemies to get back to the Construct Factory.
  • Bring the block over to the construct and set the Right-Arm in place.

Video Walkthrough

Seized Construct

Main article: Seized Construct

The Seized Construct serves as the boss of the Spirit Temple, which is in essence the boss of the Construct Factory. During the first phase of the battle, the Seized Construct will try to strike the Construct. Simply hold ZL to Guard, and then respond with hits with the Right Hand. It's a good idea to equip one of the Spiked Balls that is lying around the battle field. Initially after three hits, the Seized Construct will get launched back. If Link hits the construct back far enough, it will hit the barbed wired, dealing significant damage.

After each series of hits, the Seized Construct will jump back away. The Construct will regularly summon various Zonai Devices and will use them to attack Link. In most cases simply continuously moving in a direction will cause the construct to miss its attacks. Link can use ZL to guard against the attacks.

After the Seized Construct has lost have of its health, it will change form, pulling out two more sets of arms. This allows the Construct to wield more Zonai Devices at once. The Seized Construct will even summon Fans, allowing it to elevate itself into the air. When in the air, simply keep moving back and forth and wait for the Seized Construct to attack back down on the ground level. As soon as it returns to the ground, strike at it to launch it into the barbed wire once again. Repeat this strategy until the Construct has been defeated.