Beneath Hyrule Castle

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Beneath Hyrule Castle is both the opening area and the final dungeon in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom


Beneath Hyrule Castle is the first location that Link and Zelda travel to at the start of the quest during the prologue of the game. It is where they find the Zonai ruins and discover Ganondorf's sealed corpse.

Prior to the events of the game, Zelda asked her father if there was anything beneath Hyrule Castle. He told Zelda that there was, but also told her that seeing it in person or speaking of it was forbidden. Link and Zelda initially travelled down to the area to investigate the Gloom that had been causing Hylians to fall ill after having travelled through nearby caves. Upon traveling deeper into the cavern, the Master Sword begins to illuminate, sensing a disturbance further on.

Link and Zelda discover the ancient Zonai Ruins, designs of which Zelda had only previously seen in her studies, in the Forgotten Foundation. They were said to possess godlike power, and had a prosperous civilization in the sky. The murals on the wall depict a great Imprisoning War fought long ago, between allied tribes and a Demon King. The mural further shows that the Zonai descended down to the first Hylians, helping to establish the land that become Hyrule.

Upon reaching the Imprisoning Chamber, the final room of the cavern, they discover Ganondorf's sealed corpse. However, the apparent corpse suddenly comes to life as a mummy-like figure and destroys much of Link's Master Sword, along with his right arm. Ganondorf begins to lift Hyrule Castle into the sky and then falls beneath the crumbling ground, along with Zelda, who is consumed by a glowing light. Link is then taken away by a glowing blue hand.


Following the Upheaval, the entrance to the area in the Royal Hidden Passage is blocked by rubble. The only way to access the area is via Hyrule Castle Chasm. A cave known as Gloom's Approach at the base of Hyrule Castle Chasm allows access to the ruins and tunnels that lead to the Forgotten Foundation. The Imprisoning Chamber is only a hole in the ground, leading to Gloom's Lair and Gloom's Origin.