Walkthrough:Lookout Landing (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Lookout Landing Walkthrough is a full guide for the early part of Tears of the Kingdom, just after Link has completed the Great Sky Island. It involves meeting with Purah at Lookout Landing and visiting Hyrule Castle.

To the Kingdom of Hyrule

  • After dropping down from the Great Sky Island, Link will dive into a pond found within Central Hyrule.
  • At this point, Link is free to explore however he would like, but it is best to make your way directly to the mark on your map. This location represents the Lookout Landing and its the first major destination when Link arrives in the Kingdom of Hyrule.
  • The path is rather straight forward. While Link can encounter a variety of enemies along his way, it is best to just run away or avoid them. There are enemy Bokoblins in the area, some of which are on horseback. If Link defeats a Bokoblin on horseback, he can take the horse, making for a quicker route to the Lookout Landing.

Lookout Landing

  • The Lookout Landing is the destination that is marked on the map, but it's also indicated by the massive tower.
  • Once Link arrives he can familiarize with the area by speaking to many of the residents, but the main objective is to find Purah. Climb up to the higher level on the north side of town and Link will find a young woman named Josha. After speaking with Josha, Purah will appear and the two will recap the events that have already taken place.
  • Purah will task Link with joining the search party up by Hyrule Castle, who are busy searching for Princess Zelda. She tells Link to meet up with Hoz, the captain in charge of the search. This will complete the To the Kingdom of Hyrule quest, while also starting the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest.
  • After speaking with Purah, Link can speak with the guard Scorpis, located at the center of the Lookout Landing. Scorpis will open up the Emergency Shelter down below, where Link is able to meet new characters and can stock up on a few weapons.

Meet with Captain Hoz

  • From the Lookout Landing, travel north to the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins. Here Link can find the Kyononis Shrine, which should be visited, so that it serves as a quick warp point.
  • Continue traveling north to reach the large that gate is at the entrance of Hyrule Castle. Use Ultrahand to pull the door open and progress.
  • The path is fairly linear, with guards and lookouts found along the way. Make your way up the path to eventually reach the First Gatehouse.
  • Climb up to the top of the gatehouse and speak with Hoz and Toren. While talking with Hoz, Toren will spot Princess Zelda out in the distance. She will then float into the air, turn into light, and seemingly disappear. The group is very confused with that happened. Hoz tasks Link with reporting this news to Princess Zelda as quickly as possible.

Activate the Skyview Tower

  • Return Lookout Landing and speak with Purah and Josha on the deck. Purah suggests digging into the Upheaval and wants Link to investigate a few regions. However, to do that, Link needs to upgrade his map, using the Skyview Tower.
  • Make your way over to the Skyview Tower at the northwest part of Lookout Landing and speak with Purah. She will activate the Tower and give Link the Paraglider. Examine the Skyview Tower to launch yourself up into the area, gathering data about the surrounding area. Safely use the Paraglider to return to the surface.
  • After activating the tower and getting the Paraglider, speak with Purah one last time. This will begin the Regional Phenomena quest, where Link can then choose which region of Hyrule he wants to first explore.