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Breath of the Wild
East Akkala Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
First Gatehouse

Hoz is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Hoz is a guard that can be found at the East Akkala Stable. He can be seen walking back in forth near the front of the stable, wielding a Soldier's Spear. He has been put on patrol duty lately as it has gotten be a bit dangerous in the area, making some of the residents of the stable uncomfortable.[1] There have been rumors about a suspicious man named Kilton, who runs the Fang and Bone shop and only comes out at nighttime.[2]

A Shady Customer

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After talking to Hoz at the Stable, he will ask Link if he's seen Kilton. This will being the side quest, A Shady Customer. Hoz asks Link to please tell him all the juicy details if he does encounter Kilton.[3] After talking to him again, he mentions that he can't leave the stable as he is on guard duty, but asks Link to get a close-up picture of him.[4]

Kilton can originally be found at the Skull Lake, located at the northwest end of Akkala. However, Kilton will only appear after 9pm each evening. Furthermore, he won't just appear. Link will need to approach the area after it is already 9pm to encounter Kilton. After meeting him at Skull Lake, Kilton will then appear on the outskirts of all the various towns in Hyrule. Once Link finds him, he can take a picture with his Camera.

Return to Hoz and he's delighted that you have a picture of Kilton.[5][6] As a thanks for helping find him, Hoz will give Link a Silver Rupee, completing the quest.[7] Hoz will return to his mission, but he still wonders about Kilton. Kilton gives him the creeps as he wonders what kind of things he sells at the Fang and Bone shop.[8][9]

Tears of the Kingdom

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In Tears of the Kingdom, Hoz has been promoted to Captain Hoz. He is the head of the search party, tasked by Purah to help investigate Hyrule Castle to search for Princess Zelda. He has firm control over the members of the search party, who take direct orders from him.

Hoz can be found on top of the First Gatehouse, standing alongside Toren. When Link arrives, Toren will see Princess Zelda in the distance. Who after appearing for a brief moment in the distance, she begins to float into the air and turns into light, before flying away. After witnessing this, Hoz encourages Link to inform Purah and suggests that he will back off the search party for the time being.

Later quests

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Main article: Bring Peace to Necluda!

Hoz later leads Hoz's Squad in the Monster-Control Crew, attacking monster strongholds in Hyrule Field and Necluda (Fort Hateno).



  1. Hello! I've been on patrol duty lately. The name's Hoz! Geez, it's gotten dangerous around here lately! - Hoz
  2. Yes! Recently I've been hearing about a suspicious guy named Kilton... He runs a shop called Fang and Bone. They say he goes around pushing some kind of cart night after night. He's been making people around here uncomfortable with his suspicious and otherworld activity... Do you know...Kilton? - Hoz
  3. Well, if you see any suspicious people, please tell me what they look like in detail! Really! If you see this Kilton character, please tell me all the juicy details. I'm counting on you! - Hoz
  4. There are some reports of people spotting him around Lake Akkala. But I wonder why he only appears at night. Unfortunately, I can't leave this spot... I'm on guard duty, after all. I'll be waiting to see a close-up picture of him! - Hoz
  5. Hm? You've got information about Kilton? Allow me to take a look... - Hoz
  6. Heheheh. I see... How strange. - Hoz
  7. Seriously, I can't thank you enough! This will surely help me hunt him down. Really, I must thank you somehow! - Hoz
  8. Well, I must return to my mission now. Farewell! - Hoz
  9. Kilton... I've finally seen you! I wonder what kind of stuff Kilton's Fang and Bone shop sells... Fangs? Bones? EVIL THINGS FOR EVIL?! The more I think about it, the more it gives me the creeps! - Hoz