Monster-Control Crew

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Monster-Control Crew

Monster-Control Crew consists of a group of characters found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Gralens is the head of the Monster-Control Crew and runs the team. The group congregates around Lookout Landing with some of the operations run out of the Emergency Shelter. There are three different squads, with each examining different areas of Hyrule. The squads are run by Hoz, Toren, and Flaxel.

Early in the game, after Link arrives at Lookout Landing and speaks with Purah, the monster-control crew receive different orders. Purah has asked to group to help out in the search of Princess Zelda. She tasks them with searching Hyrule Castle, as this was the last place that the Princess was seen.[1]


  1. "Yes, it's a group of volunteers who've joined together to defend the people from the onslaught of monsters. However, Purah has asked for our aid with a more pressing matter now. She's asked us to help in searching the castle. I was just debating whether or not to add reinforcements. But if you're joining the search, Link, I can keep our forces on standby. If you had to the castle, you'll run into Hoz and the advance party, who will probably be just as surprised to see you." — Gralens, Tears of the Kingdom