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Purah is a character from Breath of the Wild. She is a member of the Sheikah tribe, and one of only three located outside of Kakariko Village. She can be found in the Hateno Village at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab where she develops Sheikah technology with Symin.[1]

She is Impa's older sister, despite her drastically younger appearance as that of a young girl, the result of an age reversal experiment gone wrong which she details in her diary. Purah is responsible for the research which provided upgrades to several of the Sheikah Slate's runes. [2][3]


When Link first arrives at the Ancient Tech Lab, Purah immediately recognizes Link, as he has not changed in the last 100 years, but is surprised that Link doesn't remember her.[4][5] Purah is responsible for helping take Link to the Shrine of Resurrection and put him safely into the Slumber of Restoration.[6][7][8]

When asked about her young appearance, Purah immediately snaps back at Link, calling him rude for asking, although quickly realizing that it is only logical due to appearance that one would assume she was a child.[9] Purah will tell Link that now that he's back after 100 years, he must defeat Calamity Ganon and rescue the beloved Princess Zelda. First though, Link must restore functionality to the Sheikah Slate.[10] Purah will task Link to bring the Blue Flame from the Ancient Furnace in town. This will power the Guidance Stone, allowing her to restore Link's missing Runes.[11][12][13]

Purah guides Link to the Ancient Furnace, stating that it is right behind Reede's house and is visible from just outside the tech lab.[14] She advises Link to use a Torch and to light the village lanterns that are along the way. However, if it stars to rain, then just like a normal flame, the blue flame will go out.[15][16]

After carrying the Blue Flame to the Ancient Tech Lab and lighting the Furnace, the Guidance Stone will begin to react to Link's Sheikah Stone.[17][18][19] Purah will use the Guidance Stone to restore the Camera, Hyrule Compendium, and Album missing files.[20]

After restoring the Shiekah Slate, Purah asks Link to take a picture of her and then to show her.[21] This will give Purah the idea that since Princess Zelda often used the camera feature on the Sheikah Slate, she likely took all the pictures that were stored on the camera. Since Link was Zelda's appointed knight, it was likely that Link was present while these pictures were taken.[22] Purah suggests that Link return to Impa as she has a hunch that these pictures can be used to help Link restore his memory.[23]

After speaking with Purah, this will move forward with the Locked Mementos main quest. Additionally, she asks Link to bring her some Ancient Materials, which will unlock two new side quests, including Robbie's Research and Slated for Upgrades. She mentions that the ancient materials are not only useful to her, but also to Robbie, over at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

Purah's bedroom can be found at the very top of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab building. Despite her spending the entire day and night at the actual tech lab, she does have a full bedroom, complete with a bed and several bookcases. She also has a chalkboard filled with information from her research. Most notably, at the center of her room, Link can find Purah's Diary on a small table.

Purah's Diary

Main article: Purah's Diary

Location within Purah's bedroom at the top of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Slated For Upgrades

Main article: Slated for Upgrades

After restoring the Runes on the Sheikah Slate, this will also trigger the start of the Slated for Upgrades side quest. Purah will task Link in acquiring and bringing Ancient Materials to her, so she can upgrade some of Link's Runes.[24][25][26]

Rune Items
Sheikah Sensor[27][28][29] 3 Ancient Screws
Remote Bomb[30][31][32] 3 Ancient Shafts
Stasis[33] 3 Ancient Cores

After upgrading the Sheikah Sensor +, Symin will call over to you, as he is greatly interested in the upgrade.[34][35] Talking to Symin will trigger the start of the Sunshroom Sensing quest.



  1. "There are only three Sheikah remaining who experienced the Great Calamity of 100 years ago... Robbie of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Impa of Kakariko Village, and me. " — Purah, Breath of the Wild
  2. "You may already know this, but although Impa looks a looooot older than me, she’s actually my little sister. She’s incredibly responsible, but at what cost? She’s wound up waaaay to tight, if ya ask me. Love her though!" — Purah, Breath of the Wild
  3. "The Sheikah Slate you're using is the one Princess Zelda herself used 100 years ago. Back then, it only had the Camera, Hyrule Compendium, and album runes. After you were defeated by Ganon and we sealed you and the Sheikah Slate in the Shrine of Resurrection... I discovered additional runes whole reading through some of the ancient texts. Cryonis and Stasis, for example. " — Purah, Breath of the Wild
  4. Hey! Heeeey! Are you surprised?! The director of this laboratory is NOT Symin. It's ME! Snappity snap! Anywaaay. Linky! Do you remember any dreams from your time in the Slumber of Restoration? You don't exactly look like you've changed a bit in the last 100 years, but SOMETHING must have happened in all that time! Well, no matter! I'm just happy you're still in one piece. - Purah
  5. ...Linky? What's with that look? You do still remember me, right? - Purah
  6. Really?! Well! I'm so shocked I don't know if I'll ever be able to recover from this! Even though, 100 years ago, I took you to the Shrine of Resurrection after Calamity Ganon fatally wounded you... Even though I was the one who put you safely into the Slumber of Restoration... Despite all that, you still don't remember me? - Purah
  7. Hmm... As expected. After 100 years in the Slumber of Restoration, subject...has...lost...all...memories. Noted! - Purah
  8. Oh, sooooorry... I have a bad habit of taking notes rather abruptly like that. It's a charming quirk, isn't it? Anyhoo... Do you have any questions for me? - Purah
  9. Well, Linky, I must say... It's not polite to ask a young maiden such as myself her age! And also don't ask me why I know so many ancient terms! And ALSO don't ask about my diary upstairs! - Purah
  10. How very rude! Hm, or perhaps it's not rude at all... I suppose that's actually a rather logical conclusion to jump to. The truth is, I look this way because of a failed experiment. Well, I say "failed," but...in some ways, it was a success. I documented the full affair in my diary upstairs. BUT! The whole thing is embarrassing, so I insist you refrain from reading it! Anyway. Enough about that! Back to the topic at hand! Here you are, after 100 years! Here to defeat Calamity Ganon, who is growing in strength with every passing moment! And to rescue our beloved Princess Zelda! That is, if you've got the courage to try. And to help you one true here, I, the one and only Purah, will restore the basic functions missing from the Sheikah Slate! Aaaand what do you say to thaaaat? - Purah
  11. All right, then. First I need you to run an errand for me. ... What's with that look on your face? You didn't think I'd fix your Sheikah Slate for free, did you? Hmmm... Post Slumber of Restoration, subject is plagued by...presumptuous... tendencies. Noted! Let me explain what this errand entails. You know the unlit furnace on the wall just outside this laboratory? Could you please bring the blue flame from the ancient furnace in town? Oh, and also use it to light our furnace? This sweet little Guidance Stone will start working once you do that, allowing us to restore your missing runes! - Purah
  12. Huh... I wonder if young women these days still say things like "sweet" and "little." Ah, well. I suppose it doesn't matter anyway. - Purah
  13. OK then. I'm counting on you for that blue flame! - Purah
  14. You'll find the ancient furnace on the high ground behind Reede's house. As soon as you leave this laboratory, head left until you're at the cliff's edge. Then make use of your scope! You'll see a blue flame. That's the ancient furnace. - Purah
  15. Blue flame makes it sound fancy, but it's really just the same as a regular flame. If it gets wet, that's that. It'll help to light the village lanterns you'll see on your way back here and to avoid steep inclines. - Purah
  16. When bringing back the blue flame from the ancient furnace, you may find it helpful to use a torch. There should be one at the entrance of this house. Feel free to use it. - Purah
  17. Hey, you! Linky, thank you so much! Now then, take a look over there! The Guidance Stone must be starting to react! There's nothing mysterious about it-this is pure science! Heh... My sweet little Guidance Stone... you sure know how to make this old researcher's heart flutter! - Purah
  18. Well then... Let's go ahead and restore those Sheikah Slate runes for you! Give me a nice SNAP! Go on, no time to be shy about it! - Purah
  19. Hookay then, Sheikah Slate repair... underway! Guidance Stone lock removed! Now...let's do this thing! - Purah
  20. Camera, Hyrule Compendium, and album missing files confirmed. Starting repair. - Guidance Stone
  21. Aaaand...it's done! So?! Is it all fixed up now? Hmmm, lessee here... Which one is it... Camera, Hyrule Compendium, album... Yep, looks good! So I know this is sudden, but hear me out. Take a picture of me with the Camera! Oh, and don't forget to lemme see it! - Purah
  22. How's the picture taking going? Did you get a cute pic of me with the Camera? Oooh, I can't wait to see it! Lemme see, lemme see! Hm? My, who IS this beautiful young creature? ... Huh? Oh, I guess that's my cue! Sorry, I kind of lost it there. It wasn't on purpose. Hmmm... Ah, it's not just a pretty girl in these images. Yes, there are also some old landscape photos stored in the album. I know Princess Zelda had made frequent use of the Camera feature, but this... Hey, Linky! It dawns on me that you were Princess Zelda's appointed knight, which means... there's a strong possibility that you accompanied her to all of the places where these pictures were taken. - Purah
  23. Oh...right. The "lost memory" thing could prove troublesome. But don't lose hope! It just means these pictures could be the missing piece to help restore your lost memories! If my hunch is correct, I suggest you check in with Impa. She knows more about Princess Zelda than even I do! ... Oh, yeah! There's just one more thing I need from you! You don't have to worry about this until after you see Impa, but I want you to bring me back some ancient materials! Bring them either to me or to Robbie at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. As if my joy weren't enough, if you bring us ancient materials, we'll give you something good as a reward. All right! Let's do this! - Purah
  24. Did you bring me any ancient materials? - Purah
  25. Now then, in exchange for those ancient materials... I'll power up a rune on your Sheikah Slate! - Purah
  26. So... Which rune do you want to power up? - Purah
  27. Sheikah Sensor power-up time! Yahoo! For that, three ancient screws should do the trick. - Purah
  28. Three ancient screws and a cute snap! Here I goooooo! - Purah
  29. Hokay then, SHeikah Sensor upgrade... underway! - Purah
  30. Remote Bomb power-up time! Yahoo! For that, I'll need three ancient shafts? - Purah
  31. Three ancient shafts and an epic snap! Here I goooooo! - Purah
  32. Hokay then, Remote Bomb upgrade... underway! - Purah
  33. Stasis power-up time! Yahoo! For that, I'll need three ancient cores? - Purah
  34. Oooh! The Sheikah Sensor +! I reaaally want to see it... - Symin
  35. Yes, quite. So if you don't mind, how about showing Symin that spiffy Sheikah Sensor + later? - Purah