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Clavia (Wife)
Karin (Daughter)

Reede is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Reede is the Mayor of Hateno Village and lives with his wife Clavia and his daughter Karin. They live in the large home at the north part of town where there is a Goddess Statue right in front. Reede is very cordial, welcoming Link to the peaceful town of Hateno. He remarks about how pleasant, peaceful, and how there is plenty of food to go around. He encourages Link to stay in town as long as he'd like.[1][2]

Reede has a fountain of knowledge and Link can ask him about a variety of topics.[3] Despite being the mayor of the town, Reede is not too familiar as to what is going on up at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. He is aware that a Sheikah tribe member lives up there, but does not exactly know what they are researching and rarely sees them come out of the building.[4]

Despite having not been born, Reede is knowledgeable about the Great Calamity. He mentions that villages were burned to the ground and many lives were lost.[5] He mentions that Hateno Village barely survived the Great Calamity, but now that place is peaceful and a welcoming location for travelers.[6]

Reede wakes up each morning at 5am and spends the entirety of the day tending the fields located just behind his house. Although if it begins to rain while he is working the field, Reede will return him and head inside. At 9pm, Reede heads back home and will go to bed for the night.

Tears of the Kingdom

Reede still serves as the mayor of Hateno Village in Tears of the Kingdom. He is upset with all the signs around town for Ventest Clothing Boutique.


  • In Breath of the Wild, while Reede refers to himself as the head of Hateno Village, his house has the word Mayor written on it in Hylian.


  1. Oh, are you an adventurer? I am the head of Hateno Village. Call me Reede. Isn't this a peaceful place we have here, don't you think? - Reede
  2. Yes... We're finally feeling a bit of recovery from the Great Calamity. Our village is pleasant, peaceful, and has plenty of food to go around! Please stay as long as you'd like. - Reede
  3. Yes, yes... Can I help you with anything? - Reede
  4. Hateno Ancient Tech Lab? Oh, sure! That's the building up on the top of that hill. A person from the Sheikah tribe lives up there. You never know what they're diving into. They rarely come out lately, now that I think about it. They must be really busy lately... Seems at least one member of the Sheikah tribe has lived up there since the time of the Great Calamity. They call what goes on up there research, but I don't know what kind. Those folks up there should get out more, y'know? It's not healthy to stay cooped up all day! - Reede
  5. It's hard to even talk about the Great Calamity. It was a disastrous event that took place 100 years ago. Villages everywhere were burned. Many lives were lose... That was all before I was born, of course. The elders here would know more. - Reede
  6. Hateno Village barely survived the Great Calamity. The village was later rebuilt by Hylian hands. Now many people live here in peace amongst the shops. It's nice to see travelers stop by now and then as well. - Reede