Ventest Clothing Boutique

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Ventest Clothing Boutique
Interior of the boutique







The Ventest Clothing Boutique is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Found in Hateno Village, Ventest Clothing Boutique is one of the many Armor Shops in Hyrule where Link can purchase useful armor to protect himself.

The Boutique is found in Hateno Village and sells the full Hylian Set, Soldier's Set. as well as the Warm Doublet. It is managed by Sophie, a girl who stands in the corner of the store. She mans the store 24-hours a day, but she is a bit shy, always standing in the corner as it makes her feel more confident.[1] The store consists of a main showroom and a side area consisting of a kitchen and a bedroom.

Sophie's father Seldon used to run the store, but now he paces outside the store and offers tours to passing traveler's. The clothing store is the final destination in Seldon's Village Tours, where Seldon encourages Link to purchase some armor and then take it over to Kochi Dye Shop to get it dyed.[2] When it is raining outside, Seldon will run inside the store and sit at the work station in the back of the shop.

Items Sold

Image Item Stock Cost (Rupees)
Hylian Hood 60
Hylian Tunic 120
Hylian Trousers 90
Soldier's Helm 180
Soldier's Armor 250
Soldier's Greaves 200
Warm Doublet 80

Though their stock is 1x, they will renew over time.



  1. ... ... OH! Am I nestled too far in the corner? Is it hard to see me? I know it's a little weird, but I just feel more confident over here. - Sophie
  2. *pant pant...* This is the clothing store, Ventest Clothing! They sell...well, I'm sure you can guess what they sell. To be straight with you, this is actually my store! So come hang out when you've got some time. Stock up here first before heading over to Kochi Dye Shop. Whew... I'm pretty much beat! Let's call this the end of the tour, yah? Just don't have the pep for tour guiding like I used to... - Seldon