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Hammerhead is a shop, located in Zora's Domain within Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Hammerhead is a weapons workshop run by Dento.[1] It can be found at the lower end of Zora's Domain. The Hammerhead is part of Marot Mart, along with the Coral Reef generals store. The shop specializes in weapon repair, and in particular, the Lightscale Trident.[2]

When Link first arrives at Hammerhead, he can find Dento working within the shop, repairing a trident. However, Dento wants nothing to do with Link at all as he blames him for stealing lady Mipha long ago.[3] He eventually mentions to Link that if he doesn't have a Lightscale Trident, there is no reason for him to even be there. He asks him to leave the shop, immediately.[4]


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  4. The Lightscale Trident and the ceremonial trident... You have been making a racket since you walked in here. There is no point in coming here if you do not possess the Lightscale Trident. Leave. Now. - Dento