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Starlight Memories




Starlight Memories is a jewelry shop located in Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Initially the Jewelry shop is closed for business and there is nothing for sale. The shop owner Isha can be found outside, patrolling just in front of the shop where she is distressed as there is a lack of Flint, which is required to run the shop.[1] Cara, one of the jewelers can be found inside and she's a bit overwhelmed by all the problems happening in Gerudo Town, thanks to the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, as well as the Thunder Helm recently having been stolen.[2]

Tools of the Trade

Main article: Tools of the Trade

After first chatting with Isha, this will begin the Tools of the Trade quest. Link will need to find 10 pieces of Flint and give them to Isha. This will complete the quest, and Link will have his choice of a Ruby Circlet, Sapphire Circlet, or Topaz Earrings as a reward. After completing the quest, the Starlight Memories will be open for business.

Products & Prices

Material Icons Price
100 rupees & Amber x10
200 rupees & Opal x8
500 rupees & Topaz x5
800 rupees & Sapphire x3
500 rupees & Ruby x3
1500 rupees & Diamond x3