Sand-Seal Rental Shop

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Sand-Seal Rental Shop

The Sand-Seal Rental Shop is a shop found in Gerudo Town within Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

At Gerudo Town there are two different locations where Link can rent out a Sand Seal. The booth at the southeast is run by Frelly, while the booth at the northwest is run by Frelly's mother, Kohm. Link is able to rent out a Sand Seal for 20 rupees, although it will require Link to have a shield. If Link does not have a shield he can purchase a shield and rent a seal for 50 rupees total.[1][2]

While there are some wild Sand Seals nearby Gerudo Town, all of the particular seals at the shop are trained by Frelly. These trained seals will not run away from Link. Wild sand seals outside will require Link to sneak up and grab them before he can ride them. The seals that are rented have a more distinct red color to them, as opposed to the tan color of the wild sand seals.

Pearle, one of the children of Gerudo Town, will visit the southeast rental booth during the daytime, where she has named the three seals that are found here as Sue, Nah, and Zarashi. Although even if Link rents one of the seals, there are still three of them available at the southeast booth.

Tears of the Kingdom

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  1. Vasaaq! If you are hoping to cross the vast Gerudo Desert, sand-seal surfing is the way to do it! It's only 20 rupees to rent one! Need a shield, too? Just pay 50 rupees! What do you say? - Frelly
  2. So you do want to ride after all? It's only 20 rupees to rent one! Need a shield, too? Just pay 50 rupees! - Frelly