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Enchanted is an Armor Shop in Kakariko Village from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The store is run by Claree and it is located in the center of town, directly east of Impa's home. Outside the shop, Lasli works as a greeter to try and attract customers. The shop has six items for sale, including the complete Stealth Set and Hylian Set. Enchanted is the only place where Link can find the Stealth set. The Ventest Clothing Boutique in Hateno Village will also sell the pieces for the Hylian Set, with the Hylian Trousers being obtainable in a treasure chest on the Great Plateau.

The selection at Enchanted is hand-picked by the store owner Claree and are part of The Claree Collection.[1] Toma, a traveler who rides her horse between the Dueling Peaks Stable and Hateno Village regularly speaks about the armor shop in Kakariko Village. She strongly encourages Link to pay a visit and get a new outfit, but warns of the high prices.[2][3][4][5] The Stealth Set by itself will run Link a total of 1800 rupees.

There is a Rumor Mill book on the desk to the side of Claree. Rumor Mill: Volume 1 tells the story about The Lover's Pond, a location atop of Tuft Mountain, just west of Lurelin Village. Traysi writes that those who find this pond are sure to find their true love. She highly recommends this rumor with five stars.[6]

Items Sold

Image Item Cost Tier Armor Bonus Enhance Materials
Stealth Mask 500 rupees base

Increase stealth
stealht symbol 1/3 1/3 each

Armor Set Tier ★★
Run faster at night
Tier ★
Blue Nightshade.png Blue Nightshade

Tier ★★
Blue Nightshade.png Blue Nightshade
Sunset-firefly.png Sunset Firefly

Tier ★★★
Silent Shroom.png Silent Shroom
Sneaky River Snail.png Sneaky River Snail

Tier ★★★★
10×Stealthfin Trout.png Stealthfin Trout
Silent Princess.png Silent Princess
Stealth Chest Guard 700 rupees
Stealth Tights 600 rupees
Hylian Hood 60 rupees base

none Tier ★
Bokoblin Horn.png Bokoblin Horn

Tier ★★
Bokoblin Horn.png Bokoblin Horn
BokoblinFang.png Bokoblin Fang

Tier ★★★
10×BokoblinFang.png Bokoblin Fang
BokoblinGuts.png Bokoblin Guts

Tier ★★★★
15×BokoblinGuts.png Bokoblin Guts
15×Amber.png Amber
Hylian Tunic 120 rupees
Hylian Trousers 90 rupees

Stock: 1×, only one of each can be purchased.

Dyeable: yes, both sets are dyeable.


  1. The Claree Collection! As in a high-end collection curated by me, Claree. BUT OF COURSE. I've personally selected each and every item in here using my flawless fashion sense. It's all HIGHLY recommended. Each item has its own unique features and abilities, so take a good look! - Claree
  2. Why the long face? I bet I could guess! You're in the mood for a new outfit, but you don't know where Kakariko Village is. Am I right? All you need to do is head north! Their prices tend to be on the more expensive side, but the clothes are top-notch! - Toma
  3. If you're looking for a new outfit, you should visit Kakariko Village. Things can run a bit pricey, but they're worth it. - Toma
  4. I'm thinking about picking up some new clothes in Kakariko Village. I just don't know if I can justify the cost... - Toma
  5. My favorite part about traveling is finding new fashions in the places you visit... I love discovering new looks! Like, if you keep taking this path north, you'll wind up in Kakariko Village. They have some of my favorite clothes ever. I'd be there right now, if I hadn't already blown my last few rupees on this stunning neckerchief... - Toma
  6. Who loves gossip more than a solid three meals a day? Traysi, of course! And anyone else reading this, I'm sure! Today's top gossip spot is... The Lover's Pond! Legend says that those who find this pond are sure to also find their true love! Sounds worthwhile to me! Traysi's Recommendation: ***** - Traysi