Gloom-Borne Illness

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Gloom-Borne Illness
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Speak to Lasli






Gloom-Borne Illness is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After an encounter with gloom from the East Hill Chasm while cleaning up the East Hill near Kakariko Village, Nanna has been confined to bed by the after-effects, unable to eat anything except Veggie Porridge. Her granddaughters Claree and Lasli are struggling with the results. Claree is "drifting off" while standing in their clothing shop, Enchanted, and has "hike[d] up the prices" on the Stealth Set and Radiant Set to 5000 rupees per piece in an attempt to make money for Nanna's treatment. Meanwhile, Lasli sits outside their house, unable to go and study under Cece in Hateno Village, she spends her time trying to mix something in to the porridge that would help with Nanna's gloom sickness.

When Link brings some Sunny Veggie Porridge to Lasli, she is immediately interested and - if Link gives it to her - takes it straight to Nanna, who quickly recovers. Claree and Lasli are overjoyed at the news, and Lasli gives Link one of her "failed" experiments - a bowl of Energizing Veggie Porridge - as thanks. It also means Lasli can go to Hateno with a clear conscience, and Claree can reset the prices to normal in Enchanted.


Go to Kakariko Village and speak with Lasli to start the quest.

Making the Sunny Veggie Porridge requires Hylian Rice, Fresh Milk and either a Sundelion or Sun Pumpkin.


TODO: Full Walkthrough, including where to obtain the ingredients

Adventure Log

Step Description
Lasli's grandmother is sick after exposure to gloom. Lasli has been experimenting with different ingredients to make a porridge that counteracts gloom sickness, but so far, nothing has worked.
After eating your sunny veggie porridge, Nanna made a full recovery. With their grandmother happy and healthy again, Claree has returned to the family clothing shop, and Lasli is headed to Hateno Village to study fashion.