Potential Princess Sightings!

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Potential Princess Sightings!



Speak with Penn and Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette


Search Stables for clues on Princess Zelda's whereabouts




Potential Princess Sightings! is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


When Link arrives at the Lucky Clover Gazette, Penn introduces him to the editor Traysi as a new applicant for a reporter job. Unlike Penn, Traysi instantly recognises Link, and barely avoids blurting his name out before asking Penn to give them a moment in private. She then tells him Purah asked her for help searching for the missing Zelda, and recruits him with the promise of the full Froggy Set of Armor if he helps Penn chase down all the leads at stables across Hyrule. Past that point, the Side Adventure consists of twelve individual Side Adventures, which are triggered by speaking to Penn at twelve of the stables across Hyrule.

The rewards depend on the number of rumours Link has solved, not which job he has done - the more jobs completed, the greater the payment.

All rewards but the Froggy Hood are given to Link by Penn on behalf of Traysi. When all twelve are done, Link goes back to the Lucky Glover Gazette building to receive Traysi's congratulations on a job well done and the final piece of froggy armor.


After activating the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower at Lookout Landing, Link will meet with Penn, a Rito who works for the Lucky Clover Gazette. Penn suggests that Link visit them in the former Rito Stable, near Rito Village.


This Side Adventure is comprised of twelve individual Side Adventures. For walkthroughs, see the relevant pages:

Adventure Log

Step Description
The newspaper editor Traysi says that people all over Hyrule have been seeing someone who might be Princess Zelda.

She wants you and Penn to dig up whatever newsy details you can find by visiting stables.
You and Penn worked together to investigate the rumors regarding Princess Zelda that had popped up in each region. Thanks to your efforts, the truth of each rumor was revealed!

Head back to the Lucky Clover Gazette and check in with Traysi.
You returned to the Lucky Clover Gazette and checked in with Traysi. She was relieved to learn the real stories behind the rumors related to Princess Zelda.

The Lucky Clover Gazette will continue to report on events happening in the world. If you come upon a newspaper, be sure to check it out.