Ruffian-Infested Village

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Ruffian-Infested Village
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Speak to Rozel and Bolson at (2779, -3271, 0083); near Sifumim Shrine


Defeat the Monster Forces occupying Lurelin Village





Ruffian-Infested Village is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


When Link is sent to investigate the Regional Phenomena by Purah, she will also mention a fifth situation involving another village. If Link enquires further, she will explain that Lurelin Village was attacked. Link may also be pointed to this quest by Village Attacked by Pirates, but it is not necessary to begin it. If he begins this quest before triggering Village Attacked by Pirates, that quest will complete immediately.

If Link goes to Sifumim Shrine, he can see Rozel and Bolson nearby, looking down at Lurelin. If he speaks to them, they will explain that Monster Forces attacked the village, destroyed much of it and drove out all the inhabitants. While Bolson boasts he could fix up the village in short order given the chance, they are too afraid to even try going to the village as long as even one monster lives.

If Link successfully kills all the Monster Forces, they will react to the silence and come down to find Link there, with the monsters gone. Rozel thanks Link, but tells him that they don't have anything to reward him with as long as the village is in shambles and most of the inhabitants driven away, but they will show their hospitality once everything is rebuilt. Bolson then tells Link to get ready, he's going to keep him busy, leading into the Lurelin Village Restoration Project.


Speak to Rozel and Bolson beside Sifumim Shrine.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
Lurelin Village has been captured by monsters. The residents were able to flee, but Rozel, the village head, is worried because he can't get near the village as long as any monsters remain in their home.
You've defeated the monsters that invaded Lurelin Village. The village head is delighted that he's able to return. He plans to rebuild the homes the monsters destroyed so the rest of the villagers can return too. But rebuilding the village will not be a quick or easy task.