The Sludge-Covered Statue

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The Sludge-Covered Statue







Listen to Yona, Khira and Chroma speaking



Unlock Sidon of the Zora quest




The Sludge-Covered Statue is a Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


One of the Regional Phenomena which Purah requests Link investigate involves the Zora of the Lanayru province. When he arrives at Zora's Domain, he finds the water polluted, and much of the area covered in toxic sludge dripping onto the area from above. When he reaches the centre of the Domain, he finds Chroma reporting to a green Zora that they have used up all their stocks of Splash Fruit to treat sludge-inflicted injuries. The green figure tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of, but still wishes they could do something about the statue covered in sludge.

The green Zora then notices Link, and tells him about the trouble the sludge is causing, noting that the statue is "so incredibly important to the Zora of the domain", and how she wishes they could wash away the sludge.

If Link throws a splash fruit at the statue, it is cleaned and revealed to be a statue of himself riding Sidon during the attempt to get into Divine Beast Vah Ruta some years earlier.

Chroma then realises who Link is, and fangirls for a moment until Khira slaps her down. The green Zora then introduces herself as Yona, Prince Sidon's fiancée, and says she's honoured to meet him, having heard so much about him from Sidon. She asks what brought Link there, and he explains the events Beneath Hyrule Castle. Yona then points Link in the direction of the Mipha Court, located near the peak of Ploymus Mountain, where Sidon can be found.

She also heads up to the Infirmary and asks that Link come and visit her after he's seen Sidon.


  • Travel to Zora's Domain, and go to the plaza in the centre (3300, 0463, 0139).
  • Listen to Chroma, Khira and Yona's discussion, then talk to Yona.
  • Throw some Splash Fruit onto the statue to remove the sludge.
  • Speak to the three Zora women again. This will complete the quest, and lead into two others:
    • Yona directs Link to see Sidon at Mipha Court, which immediately triggers the Sidon of the Zora quest.
    • Yona also invites Link to see her in the infirmary. When he does, this will trigger the Restoring the Zora Armor quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You arrived in Zora's Domain only to find its people struggling with the sludge falling from the sky.

The statue in the center of the domain holds significance to the Zora, and it is dripping with sludge.
You rinsed away the sludge in the center of the domain, revealing a statue that depicts you and the venerated Zora prince, Sidon. This statue is a new symbol of hope for the Zora people, and they are overjoyed now that it is properly restored.