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Yona - TotK Character Profile art.png


Caretaker to the Zora
Queen of the Zora









Sidon (fiancé, later husband)
King Dorephan (prospective father-in-law)
Mipha (prospective sister-in-law)
Khira (friend)


Voice Actor

Yona is a Zora from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A royal Zora from another domain. Known for her kindness, she was Sidon's childhood friend and is now his fiancée.

She began assisting the residents of Zora's Domain in their efforts to combat the sludge as soon as she arrived. A match for Sidon's selfless compassion, she dedicates herself to helping the citizens of the domain."

— In-game character profile

When Link arrives at Zora's Domain, most of the area is, or was, covered in Sludge that is falling from The Sky above. Some Zora are helping to clean it up, several are in the Infirmary recovering from its effects, and others are hiding from it in the Throne Room. Many speak of Lady Yona, who has helped both the Domain and its residents recover from the sludge.

Lady Yona can be found near The Turning Tide statue, having a discussion with Khira and Chroma. The statue is covered in sludge as well, and the three Zora are devising a method to clean it since all of their Splash Fruit has been used. This begins The Sludge-Covered Statue Main Quest.

After Link cleans it, Chroma gives a description of the statue, which is modelled after Sidon and Link himself during the quest to enter the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Chroma soon realizes that the man standing before her is Link, and Yona notes that she has heard of Link nearly every day since she arrived at Zora's Domain, as Prince Sidon's fiancée. Once Link informs her about Zelda's disappearance, Yona encourages Link to go see Sidon at Mipha Court on the top of Ploymus Mountain. Yona will then leave, but asks Link to visit her at the Infirmary. This completes The Sludge-Covered Statue quest, and begins the Sidon of the Zora Main Quest.

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