Restoring the Zora Armor

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Restoring the Zora Armor




Begin the Sidon of the Zora


Speak with Yona at the Infirmary


Acquire an Ancient Arowana




Restoring the Zora Armor is a Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


  • After Link arrives at Zora's Domain and completes The Sludge-Covered Statue, he will also begin the Sidon of the Zora. As part of it, Yona asks Link too met her at the Infirmary, found at the back of Zora's Domain. Speak with her to begin the quest.
  • Yona is restoring Link's Zora Armor, but in order to finish the repairs, Yona is in need of an Ancient Arowana. Link may have gotten one earlier while on the Great Sky Island, but Yona suggests talking to Dento the blacksmith, as he might know more.
  • Dento can be found at the Hammerhead, which is located right behind the General Store, the Coral Reef, in Zora's Domain. Dento suggets traveling to Mipha's Statue at the peak of Ploymus Mountain. There Link will find an Ancient Arowana.
  • Once Link collects and Ancient Arowana, return to Yona. After speaking with her, she will give Link the Zora Armor. This gives Link the ability to swim up waterfalls.

Adventure Log

Step Description
If you wear the Zora armor, you can swim up waterfalls. Yona is certain this will be a useful tool for your adventure.

However, it seems an elusive fish called the ancient arowana is needed to finish repairing the Zora armor. If you find an ancient arowana, you should bring it to Yona.
Yona used the ancient arowana you gave her to fix the Zora armor. With this armor, you can climb up waterfalls.