Recovering the Hero's Sword

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Recovering the Hero's Sword





Defeat Phantom Ganon at the bottom of the Deku Tree Chasm


Speak to Great Deku Tree


Find Master Sword in the head of the Light Dragon





Recovering the Hero's Sword is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Note: This quest is not required to retrieve the Master Sword. If Link already has the Master Sword when he is given the quest, it will complete immediately.

When Link arrives at the Lost Woods, he finds there is no way through. To enter Korok Forest, the only way in is through the Depths - he can Ascend through a column near in Korok Grove. When he does, he finds everything in the forest is statue-like, showing no signs of life. The cause can be found at the bottom of the Deku Tree Chasm - a Gloom Spawn and Phantom Ganon are keeping the forest immobile. When they are destroyed, Link can finally speak to the Great Deku Tree, who tells him he can sense the Master Sword in the Sky, but it is moving. He gives Link's Purah Pad the ability to track it down.

Once he finds it, embedded in the head of the Light Dragon, he can attempt to pull it, but will only succeed if he has 2 full wheels of stamina or more; if successful then in addition to regaining the sword itself, he has a vision of Zelda. In it, the princess, with the Decayed Master Sword clutched tightly to her chest, addresses Link directly, and wishes for him to defeat the Demon King using Zelda's strength through the regenerated Master Sword (who she refers to with feminine pronouns).


Free Korok Forest of gloom by defeating Phantom Ganon in the base of the Deku Tree Chasm. 2 wheels (5 Stamina Vessels beyond the default value) of stamina to pull the Master Sword out.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
The darkness-sealing sword, the Master Sword, vanished in the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island.

The Deku Tree can feel the sword's presence and says that the Master Sword is moving. What could that mean...

You found the Master Sword with the white dragon soaring in the skies. The legendary sword that seals the darkness has returned to your hand, along with Zelda's wish.