A Letter to Koyin

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A Letter to Koyin



Speak with Koyin in Hateno Village.


Get the Message Bottle that is floating in the pond



A Letter to Koyin is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Speak with Koyin at the Hateno Pasture in Hateno Village.


  • Koyin's great-grandpa left her a letter, but she dropped it in the pond. The letter has advice on how to get the farm back on its feet. She now tasks Link with getting the Message Bottle that is floating in the water.
  • Chop down a couple of trees found in the area nearby. Then fuse them together with Ultrahand and drop the makeshift raft in the water.
  • Jump onto the raft and use Ultrahand to grab the Bottled Letter. Use Ultrahand to get it out of the water.
  • Use Ultrahand to carry it over to Koyin and set it on the ground in front of her. Speak to her and she will be thankful, asking Link to come by her house later to receive a reward.
  • Head inside and as a reward, Koyin will give Link some Hateno Cheese. Additionally, she will open up the Hateno Cheese Shop. She will sell Link some Hateno Cheese, but she accepts payment in the form of Fresh Milk, which Link can get from Dantz, who is also at the pasture, by giving him 3 Acorns.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Koyin, a farmer in Hateno Village, dropped a message bottle containing a letter from her great-grandfather into a pond.

Worse still, she's not a good enough swimmer to dive into the pond after it.
You retrieved the message bottle containing a letter from Koyin's great-grandfather. After reading it over, Koyin has big plans for the farm.

She asked you to come to the house later in order to receive your reward.
The message in the bottle described a special cheese-making recipe. Koyin has already decided to start marketing it as her farm's signature product. From now on, if you bring her fresh milk, she'll give you Hateno cheese in exchange.