The Captured Tent

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The Captured Tent





Speak with Nat outside the Snowfield Stable


Defeat enemies at Mount Drena Foothill Cave



The Captured Tent is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must have already completed Cave Mushrooms That Glow.

When Link approaches Snowfield Stable, he can speak with Nat and Meghyn to initiate the side quest.


Nat and Meghyn are found just outside of the Snowfield Stable standing next to a Cooking Pot. They recognize Link as the one who had helped them with collecting Brightcap Mushrooms, and inform him that they can't tell him about their secret until they can collect their things again. They had set up a tent inside of a cave, visited the stable, and when they went back, monsters had taken home at their tent.

The tent is located inside the Mount Drena Foothill Cave. If heading northeast along the road from Snowfield Stable, it will be on Link's left around the first bend in the road, heading into a mountain. Inside, there are three Bokoblins and one Moblin. Link must defeat them all. Finally, he must return to the pair of sisters, and tell them about he good news to complete the quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
The tent that sisters Nat and Meghyn set up in a cave has been overrun with monsters.

To learn more about what their mysterious "that" is, defeat the monsters and take back the tent.
You eliminated the monsters from Nat and Meghyn's Tent at Mount Drena Foothill Cave in northeastern Hebra.

Report to Nat and Meghyn at Snowfield Stable to let them know you defeated the monsters.
As thanks for defeating the monsters and getting their tent back, the sisters Nat and Meghyn told you a clue that read: "Vapors drift over Sturnida Basin, near a pond in Hebra. At the source of the stream lies a bright mushroom haven." They've set out to find this mushroom haven in Hebra.