Crossing the Cold Pool

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Crossing the Cold Pool



Speak with Verla outside Talonto Peak Cave





Crossing the Cold Pool is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


  • Talk to Verla. He will explain to you that he came hoping to collect food from the Talonto Peak Cave[1] but can't, as the cave contains a cold pool[2] that he can't cross due to his injured wing[3][4].
  • Give him 10 chillshrooms.
    The cave contains 17 of them, 14 of them being behind the cold pool.
    The nearby building materials can be carried in and used to construct a bridge to cross the pool.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Verla came to Talonto Peak Cave to collect 10 chillshrooms, only to find that the cold water had accumulated inside.

With his wing still injured from a fight with monsters, Verla has no way to cross the pool.
When you gave Verla the 10 chillshrooms, he gave you a purple rupee as a reward. Verla was relieved to be able to return to the village with head held high.


  1. Chillshrooms grow all over this cave, so I figured it'd be a prime spot for scavenging a little food.Verla
  2. But cold water has built up in here now, and I can't pick any chillshrooms without crossing it.Verla
  3. I'll never get to the deep parts of the cave with a messed-up wing.Verla
  4. Ordinarily, my wings would take me right over a little pond like this. But I hurt my wing in a small scrap with monsters. I don't see how I can fly over the pond in this condition.Verla