The Iceless Icehouse

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The Iceless Icehouse
The Iceless Icehouse - TotK.jpg




Complete Riju of Gerudo Town main quest


Speak to Anche in the icehouse


Make ice and place it in the relevant alcove


Green-rupee.png 50



The Iceless Icehouse is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


All the ice in the Gerudo's Northern Icehouse has melted in the heat, causing the manager Anche to worry about what to do. Link can use any ice-making means - such as Ice Fruit - to freeze some of the meltwater, then melt some of it back with a fire weapon so that it fits in the relevant alcove. Anche pays him a purple rupee for his trouble, and asks him to come back later when she has something else to give him in return to make more.


Complete the Riju of Gerudo Town main quest.


  • Enter the Northern Icehouse and speak to Anche.
  • Throw Ice Fruit or White Chuchu Jelly, or else use any ice weapon, to freeze some of the meltwater.
  • Anche will react, then ask Link to make the ice fit in the alcove provided.
  • Move the ice platform near the alcove with Ultrahand, then throw a Fire Fruit at it to melt it to the right size. (Alternately, equip a fire weapon and stand by the ice until it just fits in the alcove, then unequip it; or a campfire can be used, but must be extinguished before the ice becomes too small) and move it in with Ultrahand again.
  • Anche will pay Link 50 rupees, ending the quest. She will also ask him to come back another day, when she has something else she can repay him with, to make more.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Anche, who runs the icehouse, is having a problem. The temperatures in the desert have risen high enough that it's nearly impossible for ice to form. Anche is busy trying to figure out how to make ice.
You were able to make some ice, but it turns out the ice must be as wide as the alcove. Anche has asked you to adjust the size of the ice and place it in the alcove.
You gave Anche the ice she asked for, and she let you know that you can always come back and keep helping her since she'll probably need more ice at least once a day. She'll even prepare some rewards for you as thanks for your help.