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Keeper of the Northern Icehouse



Anche is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Anche is a Gerudo woman who works as a guard where she is in charge of protecting the Northern Icehouse.[1] The icehouse is used to store ice that was brought down from the Gerudo Highlands. Anche can be found protecting the icehouse where it is only open during the daytime.

During the evening hours, Anche can be seen sleeping on the bed, right near the entrance. She mumbles that her work is done for the day and that you should come back tomorrow if you need anything.[2]

The Perfect Drink

Main article: The Perfect Drink

As part of The Perfect Drink shrine quest, Link will need to gather some ice for Furosa. She needs it at The Noble Canteen so that she can make her signature drink, the Noble Pursuit. Link will need to enter the North Icehouse during the daytime. After relaying the message from Furosa, Anche will permit Link to take some ice with him. She advises Link to make haste, as the ice will melt of Link moves too slowly.[3]

Link will need to carry the ice across the ruins to bring it over to Furosa. After doing so, Link will then need to go find Pokki, who will then run over to The Noble Canteen to get a drink. This will complete the shrine quest.


  1. This is an icehouse used for storing the ice brought down from the mountains. Seeing as we live in a desert, it's pretty important stuff for us Gerudo... so I guard the icehouse 24 hours a day. - Anche
  2. ...Who are you? My work's...done for the day... If you...need something... come back...tomorrow... - Anche
  3. I see... Well, if Furosa wants ice, then you should bring her some. You're permitted to take some ice. You've taken the heat into account, right? If you move too slowly, the ice will surely melt. Furosa has no use for water... - Anche