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Pokki is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

She is adventurer who enjoyed traveling and investigating shrines in Hyrule. She is a Gerudo woman who can initially be found lying on top of the pedestal outside the Misae Suma Shrine, at the southeast of the Gerudo Desert

The Perfect Drink

Main article: The Perfect Drink

When Link first chats with Pokki, she is so dehydrated that she has fallen over on top of the pedestal. She can barely move a muscle and thinks that this might be the end. All she wants is one last sip of some ice-cold Noble Pursuit.[1] This will begin The Perfect Drink shrine quest. Link can head to The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town and speak with the owner, Furosa. However, since they are out of ice, she will task Link will getting some from the Northern Icehouse.[2][3][4]

After making it to the icehouse, Link will meet up with the guard, Anche. Here Link will get some ice and will need to carry it across the ruins, avoiding the enemies and bringing it back to Furosa. After successfully doing so, Furosa tells Link to visit Pokki and let her know that she'll have a Noble Pursuit waiting for her.[5] After returning to Pokki, Link can give her the news and she will immediately run off, back to Gerudo Town. This will complete the shrine quest, as Link can then enter the Misae Suma Shrine.[6][7][8]

Pokki will then be seen at The Noble Canteen, speaking with Furosa at the counter. She thinks that there is just nothing better than the taste of some Noble Pursuit.[9] Pokki reveals that she no longer wants to investigate shrines, as she now believes that kind of work to be rather dull.[10] Instead, she now prefers to simply drink some Noble Pursuit.[11]



  • Alcoholic beverages are diuretic, hence she may become even more dehydrated by drinking Noble Pursuit (that is, provided that the drink does contain alcohol).


  1. I'd just found the shrine too... Ugh, my throat... It's so dry... I can't move a muscle... If this really is the end... I wish I could have one last taste... One sip... One sip of an ice-cold Noble Pursuit... - Pokki
  2. You want to try our signature drink, Noble Pursuit? Unfortunately, I need a huge amount of ice to make that drink, and I'm fresh out right now. Besides, it's a really strong drink. Even if I could make it, I wouldn't sell it to a little vai like you. - Furosa
  3. What'd you say? Pokki's collapsed? Hmm. I want to help her out, but I can't make a you-know-what without ice. There's ice at the icehouse, but my legs aren't in the best shape for hauling ice... - Furosa
  4. Are you serious? You'll get it? That'd be a huge help. Pokki is my best customer, after all. I wish I could get the ice myself... Anyway, the icehouse is north of town. Anche manages it, but I think if you explain the situation, she'll let you have some ice. You should know that she heads to bed quite early. If you plan to go, you'll need to get there while it's bright out. - Furosa
  5. Whoa. No doubt about it, that's definitely ice from the icehouse. I'll be able to make a Noble Pursuit with this. It may be the best I've ever made... I've got one more favor to ask. Could you go and let Pokki know? Just tell her the best drink ever is waiting for her... What? No, of course this will work. Knowing her, if she hears a delicious drink is waiting, she'll come running. - Furosa
  6. I can't take it anymore... I'm going to rot here... - Pokki
  7. Huh? - Pokki
  8. Did you say "best Noble Pursuit ever"? Pfft, I am GONE! - Pokki
  9. I ask you, Furosa, is there anything better than a taste of Noble Pursuit? - Pokki
  10. Definitely. I never dreamed that kind of work would be so dull... - Pokki
  11. Yeah, you know what really is "me"? Drinking. - Pokki