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Furosa is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Furosa is the owner of The Noble Canteen, located at the north end of Gerudo Town. She spends her entire day working behind the counter where she sells her signature drink, the Noble Pursuit. Customers come specifically to the bar just to have a sip of the drink, which Furosa describes as drinking distilled motivation.[1] A big part of the drink is the ice that comes from the Northern Icehouse.[2]

When Link approaches her, she thinks that Link might be a bit too young to be drinking here as the beverages are strictly meant for adults.[3][4] Link asks for some Milk, of which Furosa laughs it off, saying that she doesn't sell any childish drinks. She thinks that Greta from the Gerudo Secret Club has told Link to ask about Milk, as a prank.[5]

If Link visits Furosa before first finding Pokki out in the Gerudo Desert, she will wonder where she is. Pokki usually comes around every day to drink some Noble Pursuit, but she hasn't been in for a while.[6]



  1. Our featured cocktail is called Noble Pursuit. Many of our customers come here specifically to order it. The light, sweet taste... The cool sensation from each sip... It's like drinking distilled motivation! - Furosa
  2. Well, a big part of the drink is the ice we use from the icehouse. It makes them especially refreshing. - Furosa
  3. Vasaaq... Oh, are you a Hylian vai? We don't see too many of you... I can't tell how old you are, but you look a little young to be coming to my shop. You see, we mix special drinks here. Drinks that are definitely just for adults... - Furosa
  4. Well, you're a little too young to be here, don't you think? - Furosa
  5. Milk?! We don't carry anything as childish as milk here! Did Greta tell you to come here and ask that? That store clerk is just playing a prank on you. Good friend, doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? She's always being so secretive about her shop. But hiding something just makes young people more interested... - Furosa
  6. That reminds me... I haven't seen Pokki around lately... She use to come here every day to drink a Noble Pursuit, too. Oh, I'm sorry! I don't know why I'm even telling you this. - Furosa