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This article is about wiki logistics. For editing guidelines, see Help:Contents.
This page contains official wiki policy which must be followed.


Quick Reference
Infraction Consequence (First) (Second)
Unacceptable Username Ban until new username is selected NA
Rapid Unacceptable Edits Talk Page warning Two hour ban
False or Nonsensical Information Talk Page warning One week ban
Unjustified Removal of Content Talk Page warning Two week ban
Intentional Vandalism One month ban Three month ban
Intimidating Behavior/Harassment Talk Page Warning One month ban
Multiple Accounts Permanent ban on duplicate Three month ban on main
Spamming Advertisements Permanent ban NA
Repeat offenses will result in longer ban durations.


Usernames should not contain profanity, cannot contain any hate speech, and cannot direct a personal attack against any existing user. If there is a problem with your username, you will be asked to choose a new one.

Failure to comply (by responding to the talk thread initiated by the admin) within two days or two edits (whichever comes later) will result in a permanent ban. This ban can be lifted at any time, as soon as you have posted an alternative username on your talk page.

Rapid Unacceptable Edits

Sometimes a user may endeavor to make similar "fixes" to several pages, without realizing that these "fixes" are not desired and must be reverted. If a patroller or admin catches this in-progress, he or she will request on the user's talk page that he or she stop making more work for the staff.

If the user fails to stop, he or she may given a two hour ban to help ensure that the request is not ignored. If, after the ban expires, the user continues, then these edits may be interpreted as one of the more severe infractions listed below and incur appropriate additional correctional measures.

False or Nonsensical Information

"Contributions" that harm Zelda Dungeon Wiki's quality or reputation are not welcome. In cases of honest mistakes, we will try our best to help users get more comfortable editing the wiki. However, users who continue to add false or nonsensical information after receiving a warning on their talk page may need a one week ban to encourage them to put extra thought into how they are contributing.

Unjustified Removal of Content

In a similar vein to the above, content on the wiki represents the contribution of our community and is not to be removed without good reason. When removing content, please note why in the "Summary" field. Content that doesn't meet quality standards should be improved, not removed. Users who remove significant amounts of content will receive an inquiry on their talk page. If no adequate explanation is given and the behavior continues, the user will receive a two week ban.

Intentional Vandalism

Making edits with intent of disruption will result in an immediate one month ban. No warning will be given.

Intimidating Behavior/Harassment

Interaction among contributors is expected, and with this comes the possibility of conflict. Users who attempt in any way to make another user feel uncomfortable will be asked to stop. If this behavior continues, the user will be banned for one month. We do encourage constructive criticism, but please make sure it comes across as helpful advice and not ridicule.

Multiple Accounts

Each user is asked to register no more than one account. If you are found to be using multiple accounts, you will be asked which one should be permanently banned. If you continue to use one of them without responding to this request, the one you are not using will be banned. If you continue to use both of them after the request, then either one will be banned, at the admin's discretion.

If one of these accounts is already banned (i.e. the second account is subverting the ban), then the second account will be permanently banned, and the currently banned account will have its remaining ban time doubled (rounded down to the nearest ban time denomination).

If a third account is created after the second is dealt with (this does not apply if three or more accounts are created before any of them are discovered), then, in additional to permanent bans on all alternate accounts, the user's main account will also get a three month ban.

Spamming Advertisements

If you post an advertisement on the wiki, you will be assumed to be a bot, and will be shown no mercy. Bots contribute nothing except annoyance to the staff and will be permanently banned on sight, including a three month ban on IPs used to create multiple bot accounts.


If you feel that you have been wrongfully banned, do not create a new account. By default, you are still allowed to edit your own talk page for the sole purpose of communicating this to admins. Keeping your argument civil and reasonable may influence the admins' decision.

If this privilege is abused, then your ability to use your talk page will also be blocked, and time may be added to your ban if the abuse breaks one of the rules defined above.


The ability to move a page is restricted to Autoconfirmed users and above. Pages can be be moved using the move tab at the top of every page. Simple things like moving pages to a confirmed canonical name, conforming the title to the wiki's naming standards, or correcting a typo in the title may be done immediately. But if a move is more ambiguous and does not have anything official to clearly justify the move, it's strongly requested that a topic regarding the move be created on the relevant talk page for the page to be moved.

Files cannot be moved by regular members. If you wish for a file to be renamed, make a request of one of the admins for it to be moved.


Only admins can delete files. To suggest a page for deletion, follow the usage instructions on the delete template and place it at the top of the page to be deleted. Optionally, you may also create a section discussing the proposed deletion on the relevant talk page.

Featured Articles/Images

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