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Welcome to Zelda Dungeon Wiki's Help Guide! The purpose of this guide is to help you get acclimated with the wiki and the people in charge, and hopefully answer any questions you may have about editing the wiki and the wiki itself. If you have any suggestions on how this Help Guide could be improve, or questions that aren't answered in any of these pages, post about it on any admin's talk page.


  • FAQ basic help page answering various common questions and issues.


  • Format Outlines the proper format for a wiki article.
  • Style Describes guidelines for writing content.
  • Titles Describes guidelines for page and section titles.
  • Disambiguation Explains what disambiguation is and provides guidelines for performing it.

Basic Editing

  • Getting Started Covers the basics on editing and creating articles.
  • Markup Lays out some of the common basic MediaWiki markup syntax.
  • References How to find, add and display references in articles.
  • Signatures How to create your own signature and rules regarding their use.

Advanced Editing

  • Custom Edittools Describes how to use macros to simplify common edits.
  • Gadgets Describes how to use gadgets to add additional features to your wiki experience.

Wiki Information

  • About Description of the purpose of the Zelda Dungeon Wiki.
  • Policy Listing of various rules and policies on the wiki.
  • Staff Listing of the wiki's staff.