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This page contains official wiki policy which must be followed.

To foster consistency in presentation, we have some formatting conventions that editors should follow when arranging components of an article.

Beginning of the Article

Descriptive Templates

{{Hatnotes}}, {{Amboxes}}, and an {{Infobox}} go at the very top of the article, in that order, before any normal text. Hatnotes describe the title of the article, so it's important that they appear directly below the title. Amboxes describe the entire article, and an infobox is a part of the article which summarizes key information. Not all of these templates will appear on every page (in fact, some pages may have none of them).


A summary should immediately follow the infobox so that readers can quickly get an overview of the subject without scrolling down. The subject of the article should appear bolded in the first sentence. Alternate titles should also be bolded. (i.e. Format, also known as Layout, ...)

End of the Article


Trivia from article pages appears on the Main Page, and in order for that to work properly, a few guidelines must be met:

  • Content guidelines
    • The Trivia section outlines interesting "trivial" information about the subject, even if this information already appeared in the article.
    • Internal links should be used wherever possible, even if the link had previously appeared in the article, and even if the link is to the article itself.
  • Technical constraints
    • The Trivia section must use a level two header (==Trivia==) and contain nothing but Trivia points.
    • Each point of trivia is a single line of text (i.e. no newlines, no {{Quote}} templates, etc.) preceded by an asterisk (*). References may be used.

Since it appears on the Main Page, Trivia is closely watched for vandalism and held to high quality standards.


The gallery is a place for images related to the topic of the page.


If {{Ref}} is used within the article, then {{References}} should appear as the last section, just above Navboxes and Categories. This template automatically creates a level two References header.

Navboxes and Categories

The very last things on any article are {{Navboxes}} followed by categories. No content should go below navboxes, and categories should not appear anywhere except the very bottom of the page (except those transcluded from templates). Not all pages have a navbox, and some have more than one.