1.1 The Oracle of Seasons

Press START once the title screen appears and you will be taken to the file selection menu. Select any empty file slot and choose a name for your hero. Choose to begin your newly created file and select your preferred message speed and you will be shown another short cutscene that picks up where the intro left off. With our hero spinning about the unknown, a final message from the Essence of the Triforce will encourage Link to accept the quest he has been called upon to carry out. Press either A or B to clear the message and see Link seemingly fall into the land of Holodrum, where he is knocked unconscious from the impact. A red-clad female is shown discovering Link shortly after…

You can now take control of Link, so head right one screen, following the sound of music in the distance. Here, you will find the source of this music to be a Traveling Troupe of Performers gathered around a campfire. Walk over to the lady wearing red at the bottom of the screen and speak with her. She will introduce herself as Impa, the troupe’s cook. Impa will also reveal the name of the one who discovered you lying in the woods as Din, who can be seen dancing atop a stump at the top of the screen. Speak with all the other troupe members to gather some information, then head up and speak with Din.

After talking a bit, Din will ask you to dance with her. Speak with her once more and a cutscene will show Link reluctantly dancing alongside Din to the music of the performers. In the midst of this, Din will notice the “?” marking on the back of Link’s hand and reveal it to be a sacred mark in Hyrule, symbolizing that Link must be a “hero with a special fate”. Din begins to mention something else after this, but stops herself and requests to continue dancing.

Suddenly, the sky will turn dark and lightning will begin to strike around the troupe. A cutscene will play, introducing the main antagonist of the game, Onox, General of Darkness, who will address Din as the “Oracle of Seasons”. Onox will use a giant whirlwind to send the members of the troupe, as well as Link, flying somewhere offscreen. He then captures Din and takes her off to his castle. Onox will reveal that by capturing Din and submerging the Temple of Seasons underground, the changing of the seasons in Holodrum will be made chaotic and rapid, thus creating the world of chaos Onox longs for.

1.2 The Hero's Cave

Link will be shown waking up in a snow-covered field alongside Impa, who will admit her true identity as the nurse of Hyrule’s Princess Zelda. She informs Link that, because Zelda felt a dark presence growing around Din, she was instructed to bring the Oracle back safely to Hyrule. Because Impa feels that Link and Din were fated to meet, she will request that Link seeks the help of the Maku Tree in Horon Village after informing him of Onox’s evil doings. When Impa is done talking, head down one screen into Horon Village.

The Maku Tree is located on the eastern side of the village, but his area is blocked off by a gate that can only be opened by a special weapon which you must first obtain in a cave on the Western Coast. Head left one screen to find a two-part house, the left of which belongs to the Know-It-All Birds. These guys will offer you a wealth of information that will help you learn the basics of playing the game itself, so feel free to speak with them if you feel the need.

The house on the right will only be open when playing Oracle of Seasons on a Gameboy Advance system. This special shop will offer rare items all sold for 100 rupees a piece. On the shelf will be a Gasha Seed and two Magical Rings. The ring in the middle appraises as the GBA Nature Ring, which is merely a collector’s item and adds no special abilities for Link. The ring on the right will appraise as a random ring of those that can be obtained randomly. Unlike a regular shop, you can only purchase the items here once as they will not reappear once you re-enter. As for appraising rings, that will be further explained in just a moment.

Once you enter the Western Coast area, you will encounter the first enemy in the game: a Red Octorok. However, since you do not yet have a weapon to defeat them, you must simply avoid all enemies for now. Jump off the ledge at the bottom of the screen here and continue left one more screen, avoiding the other Red Octoroks as you go. Here, you will notice a cave here at the upper portion of the screen. Inside is a Fairy Fountain, which you may visit at any time when your health is low to fully restore it. Walk around the ledge and head back right one screen to find the entrance to the Hero’s Cave. This is where you will obtain the item you need to access the Maku Tree, so go ahead and enter.

The Hero’s Cave is relatively short, simple, and only consists of a few rooms with very easy puzzles. In the first room, you will encounter another new enemy known as a Keese, four of them to be exact. For now, simply avoid them and continue right one screen.

Push the block here in any direction to open the three doors in this room and head up one screen. Be careful not to fall down any of the bottomless pits in this room as the walkway is very narrow. Push the block obstructing the pathway up or down and walk along the path until you reach two more blocks. Push the left block down and the right block to the right and continue along the path into the next room on the right.

This room is filled with many enemies called Gels. Gels will bounce towards Link and attempt to latch onto him, making him slower while moving around. While they do no damage, their abilities can prove fatal in a space where other enemies are attempting to damage Link. Walk to the far right side of this room, avoiding the Gels, and step on the switch. A treasure chest will appear on the square pattern on the floor. Open it to receive a small key, then leave this room the way you came.

You will have to navigate the narrow path once more to exit this room. This time, once you reach the two blocks, push the left one up and the right one to the right, then continue along. You will eventually exit this room down one screen the way you came in.

Push the block in this room to again open the three doors and head down one screen. Avoid the Keese here and go through the locked door on the right.

While avoiding the many Gels here, walk up and step on the switch at the top of this room to open the doorway on the other side of the pit. You must then walk around the pit to reach this doorway. Along the way, another new enemy, the Green Zol, will appear from the floor when you go near its location between the blocks. There are two of these in this room, but just run passed them and continue through the opened doorway at the top.

Walk up the steps in this final room and open the chest to receive the Wooden Sword! With a sword, you can now fight enemies, slash down bushes, or cut grass to gather rupees and other items. This weapon will automatically assign to your B button, but you may change it to the A button if you wish. Link can also perform his trademark Spin Attack by holding in the button this weapon is assigned to for a short time, allowing the blade to charge up, then releasing the button. The Spin Attack will do double the damage of a normal slash, so learning to use it effectively will prove quite useful. After getting this weapon, you will be transported back to the Western Coast just outside the Hero’s Cave.

Now that you have your sword, you’ll need to go back inside the Hero’s Cave through a secret entrance to gather a few things previously unobtainable. Head right one screen and walk around the upper side of the wall, then back left one screen. Cut down the bush blocking the ledge and jump off into the shoot which will drop Link back inside the Hero’s Cave and onto a ledge with a chest. Open the chest to receive 30 rupees! Jump off this ledge to the left and push the block to open the closed doorways, then head down one screen.

Defeat the three Keese in this room and push the upper-left block in any direction to reveal a hidden staircase. Head down the stairs into the basement area to discover your first Gasha Seed! Gasha Seeds will be explained in just a moment, but first, head back up the ladder and exit the basement. Go up one screen and push the block once more to unlock the doors, then head left one screen and down through the opening to exit the Hero’s Cave.

1.3 Meeting the Maku Tree

After exiting the Hero’s Cave, head north back to Horon Village. Continue right one and down two screens and enter the Horon Village Shop. In this or any other shop throughout the game, Link may purchase an item by using the A button to pick it up and then speaking with the Stockwell while the item is held. Currently, the shop will offer 10 Bombs for 20 rupees, a Wooden Shield for 30 rupees, and 3 Recovery Hearts for 10 rupees. Since you likely have at least 30 rupees at this point, go ahead and purchase the Wooden Shield.

Exit the shop and walk down one screen to reach the home of proud parents to a newly born baby boy, Bipin and Blossom. Enter through the left doorway and speak with the wife Blossom who will ask Link what he thinks they should name the baby. Whatever name you suggest will be the one they choose, so you may name the child whatever you wish. At different points throughout Link’s quest, you may return here to help Bipin and Blossom in different ways that will affect the growth of their son. We’ll be sure to let you know at what points you need to return here throughout the walkthrough.

When you leave Bipin and Blossom’s home, head right one and up three screens. Climb the stairs here and continue right one more screen to find the home of Horon Village’s mayor. Enter and head right one screen to speak with Mayor Ruul who will give Link a Gasha Seed, as well as explain what they do and how to plant them.

Exit the house to discover a soft patch of soil to plant the Gasha Seed. At various points throughout his quest, Link will acquire numerous Gasha Seeds and come across many different patches of soft soil to plant them. When and where you plant these seeds will be entirely at your discretion, though planting as many as you can is encouraged. When Gasha Trees fully grow, they will produce a Gasha Nut containing a random item for Link. What you receive from a Gasha Nut will be determined by the number of enemies you defeat while the seed is growing. Therefore, the more enemies you defeat, the better your Gasha Tree will grow.

Items which can be obtained from Gasha Nuts are as follows: Magical Rings, Magic Potions, Fairies, five Recover Hearts, and the most rare, a Piece of Heart. You will only find one Piece of Heart from a Gasha Nut throughout your quest. After that, Gasha Nuts will only produce one of the other mentioned items.

From Mayor Ruul’s house and head left one screen. Head back down the stairs and continue down two and right one screen to reach Vasu Jewelers, otherwise simply known as the Ring Shop. Go on inside and speak with Vasu who will explain how to appraise and use rings that you may find during your quest. He will then give you the L-1 Ring Box, which will hold only 1 ring at a time, as well as your first ring to be appraised. Vasu will then show you how to appraise rings by appraising the one he gave you for free. This ring will become the Friendship Ring which adds no special abilities for Link. Many rings you may find will give Link different abilities when worn, but some may only be symbolic such as this one.

For now, this is all we can do in Horon Village, so let’s go ahead and visit the Maku Tree. Exit Vasu Jewelers and head right one and up one screen. Swing your sword at the large gate suspended between the two trees to open it, then head on up. Since the seasons are all out of order, the Maku Tree has lost much of his power and has since withered from his usual, much larger size. Swing your sword at the bubble coming out of his face to wake him. He will then explain to Link what he must do to restore balance to the seasons of Holodrum and save Din. Before you go, the Maku Tree will give you the key needed to access the first dungeon: the Gnarled Key! Pick up the key and leave the Maku Tree’s area.

The first dungeon lies just north of Horon Village. To get there, go down one and left three screens, then head up three more screens to exit Horon Village to the North Horon area. Head up one screen from Impa’s Refuge where you will discover a patch of soft soil to plant a Gasha Seed. Out of the water, a new enemy will emerge and shoot fireballs at Link. This enemy is known as a River Zora, which can only be attacked while Link is standing on land.

Continue right one screen and slash the bushes here to clear a path. Head up one screen and clear the bushes blocking the bridge on the left, then head across the bridge left one screen. Walk up to the rock with the keyhole to have Link insert the Gnarled Key into it, causing the buried tree here to emerge from the ground. Veterans of the Zelda series who have played through the first Legend of Zelda will recognize this location’s striking resemblance to the first dungeon of that game. Having said that, this too is no mere tree; it is the location of the first dungeon in the game, the Gnarled Root Dungeon. When you are ready, go ahead and enter the dungeon.

NOTE: Before we tackle this first dungeon, it is important to understand that this guide will often refer to rooms by their respective coordinate on the grid map above. This will prove quite helpful to us as we navigate the many dungeons on Link’s quest.

Link will enter the dungeon at room F4, so head on up one screen to E4. The top, bottom, and right doors in this room will close upon Link entering, but can be reopened by pushing the upper-right block in any direction. Also, the bushes closest to the door that Link came through will each contain a Fairy that will refill Link’s hearts when gathered. These fairies will re-spawn each time Link re-enters this room, so remember them in case you run low on health later on. Push the upper-right block to unlock the doors, then head up one screen to D4.

Here we will find a Wise Old Man. Again, veterans may remember the dungeons of the first Legend of Zelda containing these helpful characters. As such, the old man will give Link a helpful yet cryptic message to aid him in the respective dungeon.

Head back down one screen and push the upper-right block again, unlocking the doors, and continue right one screen to room E5 where he will encounter yet another new enemy. In this room are four Blue Stalfos, who will simply move about the room attempting to bump into Link. Defeat all four Blue Stalfos to unlock the door we came through and have a Small Key drop onto the blue tile. If you need some health, there is a Fairy located in upper-right of the room under the left bush. Pick up the Small Key and head back left one screen to E4.

Unlock the door on the left side of this room and head through to E3. Defeat the four Blue Stalfos in this room to reveal a hidden chest containing the Dungeon Map! We can now view the entire map of the dungeon by pressing SELECT. The two doors in this room will also open upon defeating the Blue Stalfos, so let’s head through the upper door to room D3.

Here, you will encounter yet another new enemy here known as a Red Zol. Much like the Green Zols, this Red variation will bounce around the room towards Link, attempting to bump into him. Whenever you slash a Red Zol with your sword, however, it will split into two Gels. You can avoid having the Red Zol separate by performing a Spin Attack on it, which will completely destroy it in one hit. There is also a Fairy located in the bush to the immediate left after walking into this room, so pick it up if you need some health. Avoid or defeat the Red Zols in this room and hop into the mine cart to the north of the room, which will take you all the way to room C2.

Two new enemies are present here: the Red Moblin and the Blue Blade Trap. Red Moblins will walk about the room and randomly stop to toss a boomerang at Link. You can either avoid these attacks or use your shield to deflect them. Blue Blade Traps will charge towards Link when he walks in their path, then slowly return to their original position. They cannot be defeated, so the key is to merely have them charge at you, quickly move out of the way, then run passed them as they retract. The middle block in this room can be moved only after defeating the Red Moblins, so defeat them and move the block in any direction to unlock the door to the left of the Blade Traps. Walk into the path of the Blade Traps to have them charge at Link, then quickly walk back out of the way until they slowly return. As they are returning, run into the newly opened door left one screen to C1.

Scattered about the floor are blocks which must be pushed in a certain order to clear a path to the other side. First, of the two blocks sticking out towards the rightmost wall, push the left one down. Walk over to the block just to the left of the one you just moved and push it left. Follow the path up and around to the set of blocks forming an “L” shape and push the middle one in the vertical row of three to the left, then push the block directly below this down. You can now access the ledge at the upper-left corner of this room, so climb the stairs where you will find a chest containing a Gasha Seed! Jump off the ledge via the space to the right of the chest and exit this room the way you came in back to C2.

Use the same technique from before to bypass the Blue Blade Traps and head up the stairs at the far right of this room. Head right one screen to C3 and slash the blue lever with your sword so that it is sticking up to the left to rearrange the path of the track below. Either avoid the Keese in this room or defeat them and continue right a bit more to discover a chest. Open it to receive the Compass! Each dungeon contains a Compass that will allow you to see various things while looking at your Map, such as the locations of chests, as well as the location of the dungeon’s boss. Now, head back left to room C2.

Go back down the stairs here and hop in the mine cart, which will travel on the newly arranged path to room C5. Walk back left one room to C4 and open the chest here to receive 10 Bombs! Walk back right one screen to C5 and head up the stairs. Walk over to the second set of stairs to the right and go down them. Continue along this path passed another new enemy known as a Chaser. Like Blade Traps, this one will move towards Link once he crosses its path, though this variation will move more slowly and, rather than returning to its original location, will stop once it reaches a wall and will still follow Link whenever he crosses either above, below, or to either side of it. Just keep following the path until you come to a switch, as the Chaser will stop after it trails you a couple of times. Step on this switch to reveal a chest containing a Small Key! Now, walk again in the path of the Chaser to have it move towards Link. Simply move out of its way and head back around the path the way you came, up the stairs, and left one room to C5.

Equip your Bombs and toss one at the cracked portion of the upper wall here to reveal a passageway, then head through it to room B4. This room is filled with narrow passages guarded by many variations of Blade Traps.

To navigate this passage, move first into the path of the Blue Blade Trap to get it to charge, then walk back down to avoid contact. While it retracts, walk into the space on the right side between the blocks to the right. Walk again into the path of the Blue Blade Trap and back down again to avoid being hit, then quickly move to the space between blocks just above where the Blue Blade Trap rests.

At the other end of the path above is a Green Blade Trap, so walk into its sight to cause it to charge and move back down between the blocks to get out of the way. Green Blade Traps will charge at Link until they reach a wall to bounce off of, as opposed to the Blue ones which will only go a certain distance before retracting. As the Green Blade Trap retracts, follow it and walk into the empty space to the left of the bush. Step down into the Green Trap’s path again to have it charge, then quickly run behind it before it comes back, continuing along the path down and beside of the next green bush.

Slash the bush to clear a space, then walk down into the path of the Chaser to have it move right. Stand above it until it reaches the block to have it move up towards Link, then quickly move into the space where the bush was to avoid contact. Once it passes, continue along the path to the left.

There is a Blue Blade Trap just out of site that charges at Link when he walks over to the left wall. This Blade Trap will only go as far as halfway down the screen, so have it charge at Link then follow it to the upper part of the room, moving to the right towards the two bushes to avoid having it charge again.

Slash the two bushes and walk right along the path to the next bush which contains a Fairy. The path just above this has an Orange Blade Trap at the other end. These guys are much more dangerous than any of the others as they move very fast when they charge at you. The good thing is that they retract rather slowly, so Link will have more time to get passed them. Walk just above where the bush was to have the Blade Trap charge, quickly stepping back down to avoid being hit, then walk up to the space parallel with the last remaining green bush, but do not yet walk passed the bush.

Beyond the locked door lies the dungeon’s mini-boss, so fill your heart containers if needed. When stepping up close to the locked door, Link puts himself in the sights of two Blue Blade Traps to the left and right. Use the same technique we have learned to bypass them as they retract after charging at Link, then go on through the locked door to room A4.

After entering the room, walk up a bit to trigger a fight with the sub-boss. The Brother Goriyas move around the room, stopping occasionally to throw a boomerang at Link. After throwing the boomerang, it will return to the opposite Goriya who will throw it the next time. Use your shield to avoid contact with them as well as to deflect their boomerang attack. Slash at either Goriya when you get the opportunity as they both share the same health meter. Once they are defeated, a warp portal will appear that can travel back and forth from here to room D3 where you first encountered the Red Zol. One of Goriyas will also drop a Fairy to refill Link’s health when defeated.

Just on the other side of the next room are two Blue Blade Traps that will charge at Link from the top and bottom, so be careful. Walk left through the newly opened door to room A3 and keep walking to bypass the Blade Traps’ attack. You’ll need to get to the other side of the blocks in the middle of the room, so walk down to the southern wall, getting the lower two Blade Traps to charge at Link, then move around to the far leftmost block here. Push this block up and head up the stairs in the middle to a basement area. Descend the ladder and head up the next one on the right to retrieve the Seed Satchel! This tool will prove useful throughout Link’s entire quest as it can hold many different seeds that each have a special ability. Within the Seed Satchel are 20 Ember Seeds to start you off. Leave this basement area back to room A3.

Push the block just below the leftmost one down to clear a path, then leave this room the same way you entered, right one screen back to A3. Enter the portal to be teleported back to room D3.

Defeat the Red Zols here and equip your Seed Satchel to either button. Using Ember Seeds, light the torches on each side of the door to the left to open it and head on through to room D2.

Take out all three Red Moblins in this room to reveal a chest. Open it to obtain the Boss Key! Now all that remains is getting to the dungeon’s main boss, so leave this room and head right one screen to back to room D3. Then continue down one screen from there to E3.

Defeat the Blue Stalfos to open the doors and head right one screen to E4. Push the upper-right block here in any direction to open the doors and continue right one screen to E5.

Take out your Ember Seeds and light each torches at the top of the room to open the doorway above. Head up through the doorway to room D5.

A new enemy, known as a Floormaster, is present in these next couple of rooms. Floormasters cannot do any damage to Link, but they will attempt to grab him and send him back to the beginning of the dungeon. You don’t want to have to trek all the way back here, so its best to defeat or avoid them in order to avoid being captured as multiple Floormasters will emerge and all follow Link at once.

Walk along the leftmost wall towards the top of the room to discover a chest containing a Magical Ring. This will become the Discovery Ring when you appraise it later on. Walk back down and head up the path between the blocks towards the top of the room and head right. Walk along the path above the horizontal row of blocks right one screen to room D6.

More Floormasters will spawn in here, so be careful. Follow this path down to a row of bushes. You can slash the first and third bush to reveal a Fairy in each. Make sure to grab one of them to refill Link’s health if needed. Continue walking up along the rightmost wall and you will notice a large door which leads to the boss’ lair. If you are ready, head on through to room C6 to face what should be a familiar “first boss” for long-time Zelda fans, Aquamentus.

Aquamentus is a large, flying dragon who will walk around the room and often shoot three fireballs at Link. He may also charge towards Link until he reaches the leftmost wall, at which point he will fly back to his original position. Watch the single horn on Aquamentus’ head as it will flash red when he is about to attack.

A good strategy to use here is to stay above Aquamentus so that you have better access to attack him, as well as leaving Link in a good position to avoid his attacks. You can also charge your sword directly after entering this room to get a good first attack on the boss. Keep slashing at Aquamentus’ horn until it breaks, resulting in his defeat. Pick up the Heart Container he drops to add one heart onto your health meter! Walk right through the door that opens and head up the steps to grab the first of eight Essences of Nature, the Fertile Soil!

Upon obtaining the first Essence, Link will be teleported outside of the Gnarled Root Dungeon and greeted by a message from the Maku Tree. He will inform Link of a special tool hidden deep within the Temple of Seasons that needs to be obtained. Getting this item and more awaits in Chapter 2 of the Oracle of Seasons walkthrough!