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River Zora

River Zoras, also known as Zola, are one of the two types of Zoras, being the wild and less civilized of the two. Instead of being characters that can be interacted with, River Zoras serve as an enemy type in a multitude of titles.[1]


The Legend of Zelda

Zola, as they are known in the The Legend of Zelda, can be found mostly on the eastern side of the Overworld. Found only in the lakes and oceans of Hyrule, they are almost impossible to defeat early in the game, and are better off avoided. If a Zola does happen to come near the edge of the land they can be defeated by two hits with the Wooden Sword. They will shoot a laser beam from the water that will take half a heart of damage. Unlike most enemies in the game there is only one variation of Zola.

A Link to the Past

River Zora appear in Lake Hylia, Zora's Waterfall, and the long River that connects these two bodies of water. Much like their appearance in The Legend of Zelda, River Zora will pop up from underwater and shoot fireballs towards Link. Link's Fighter's Shield won't be able to sustain these fire attacks, but either the Fire Shield or the Mirror Shield can block them.

While in Zora's Lake, some of the River Zora will pop up on shallow water. These Zora will then try walking towards Link instead of spitting fireballs. This shows that the Zora actually have feet that they can walk on, unlike the tails that are shown in the official artwork for A Link to the Past. Link can stun these walking Zora with one sword slash and continue then finish them off with additional strikes.

The River Zora are found all over Zora's Lake and Link will need to navigate this area to reach King Zora. It is here that Link will purchase the Flippers for 500 Rupees.[2] Despite the Zora King helping out Link, the River Zora will continue to attack Link.

While most times it is best to just avoid River Zora, they can be defeated with a wide range of items. They take four slashes to defeat with Link's Fighter's Sword, but can be killed instantly with one shot from the Ice Rod. The Bombos Medallion also works well as it will instantly kill all River Zora that are on the screen at a given point in time.

Link's Awakening

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

A Link Between Worlds

The River Zoras make another appearance in the same locations (except the Zora's Lake area which was mostly removed) as those in A Link to the Past. Their attacks are the same as in prior games, shooting fireballs at Link. These attacks are blockable by both the Shield and the Hylian Shield. Many of Link's items are now effective on the River Zora, including the Bow and Fire Rod, though it can be difficult for some of these items to hit.

The Zora King has been replaced with Queen Oren, who plays a larger role in the game. Link needs to purchase the Smooth Stone from the Item Shop for 200 Rupees after the Shady Guy steals it and return it to the queen to receive the Flippers and access the House of Gales. Despite their gratitude for helping Queen Oren, she exclaims how they are to remain obedient toward Link, but have a hard time following orders.

Non-canon Appearances

Link: The Faces of Evil

River Zora are creatures that are found exclusively in the water of Hermit Flat and Ganon's Lair. They move around in the water, but when Link draws near, they will turn their attention towards him. They face Link and spit out rocks out of their mouth towards Link. These rocks can be deflected with Link's shield, but they are best just avoided by moving from side to side. Since River Zora appear in water, there is an additional hazard of falling into the water. Thus, River Zora are best defeated from a distance whenever possible. Bombs work well, but a sword beam attack will defeat River Zora in one hit.

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

River Zora can be found in the water near Gohiyan Ship, Shutoy Lake, and Dodamai Palace. They look like and act the same as the did in Link: The Faces of Evil.



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