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The Coast is the first stage of Eastern Hyrule in Four Swords Adventures. The Links are taken there by the Blue Maiden.


Stubborn Wife's House

The Stubborn Wife and her Husband live on The Coast. The Stubborn Wife is blocking a passage needed to access the rest of the stage and refuses to move.[1] Her husband suggests that the Links take the tunnel around back, although they need something to blast it open.[2] The wife becomes upset when the Links manage to get around her.[3]

Great Fairy Fountain

A Great Fairy Fountain can be found in an underwater passage in an area covered in River Zoras. She can upgrade the Links' items.



The items that can be found within The Coast are Bombs, the Slingshot, and the Boomerang. The Bombs are used frequently to destroy walls and the ranged weapons can help defeat enemies like the River Zoras from afar.

Force Fairies

A Force Fairy can be found in a pot inside of one of the holes where Shadow Link throws constant Big Bombs. The pot can be broken with a bomb.

After fighting a horde of pink Octoroks, there is a small alcove with some rocks. Lifting one of the rocks will reveal another Force Fairy.

Heart Containers

There are three Heart Containers on The Coast. The first is within the home of the Stubborn Wife. After entering the tunnel outside of her house, the Links can reenter behind her and access a chest containing a Heart Container. The second Heart Container is within a hole that is hiding under some grass. The Links must swim through a passage and then can receive the Heart Container chest. Finally, after defeating a horde of pink Octoroks the Links are again given a treasure chest with a Heart Container.


Sand Crabs and Octoroks are very common on The Coast, as well as River Zoras within the water. A few Cheep-Cheeps, Keese, and Force Gem Knights can also be located. Shadow Link appears often with Big Bombs.


Main article: Manhandla (Four Swords Adventures)

Manhandla is the boss of The Coast. The Links must hit its mouth-like appendages with the corresponding color.



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