Four Swords Adventures Stages

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This is a list of locations found in Four Swords Adventures.

Level 1: Whereabouts of the Wind

Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia 4SA.png
Main article: Lake Hylia (Four Swords Adventures)

Cave of No Return

Main article: Cave of No Return

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle 4SA.png
Main article: Hyrule Castle (Stage)

Level 2: Eastern Hyrule

The Coast

The Coast 4SA.png
Main article: The Coast

Village of the Blue Maiden

Village of Blue Maiden 4SA.png
Main article: Village of the Blue Maiden

Eastern Temple

Eastern Temple 4SA.png
Main article: Eastern Temple

Level 3: Death Mountain

Death Mountain Foothills

Death Mountain Foothills 4SA.png
Main article: Death Mountain Foothills

The Mountain Path

The Mountain Path 4SA.png
Main article: The Mountain Path

Tower of Flames

Tower of Flames Entrance.png
Main article: Tower of Flames

Level 4: Near the Fields

The Field

300px-The Field Cannons.png
Main article: The Field

The Swamp

The Swamp 4SA.png
Main article: The Swamp

Infiltration of Hyrule Castle

Infiltration of Hyrule Castle 4SA.png
Main article: Infiltration of Hyrule Castle

Level 5: The Dark World

Lost Woods

Lost Woods FSA.jpg
Main article: Lost Woods (Four Swords Adventures)

Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village 4SA.png
Main article: Kakariko Village (Four Swords Adventures)

Temple of Darkness

Temple of Darkness 4SA.png
Main article: Temple of Darkness

Level 6: The Desert of Doubt

Desert of Doubt

Main article: Desert of Doubt

Desert Temple

Desert Temple.png
Main article: Desert Temple (Four Swords Adventures)


FSA Pyramid.jpg
Main article: Pyramid

Level 7: Frozen Hyrule

Frozen Hyrule

Frozen Hyrule 4SA.png
Main article: Frozen Hyrule (Stage)

The Ice Temple

Main article: The Ice Temple

Tower of Winds

Tower of Winds 4SA.png
Main article: Tower of Winds (Four Swords Adventures)

Level 8: Realm of the Heavens

Realm of the Heavens

Realm of the Heavens 4SA.png
Main article: Realm of the Heavens (Stage)

The Dark Cloud

The Dark Cloud 4SA.png
Main article: The Dark Cloud

Palace of Winds

Palace of Winds entrance 4SA.png
Main article: Palace of Winds (Four Swords Adventures)