Infiltration of Hyrule Castle

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Infiltration of Hyrule Castle is the third and final stage of Near the Fields in Four Swords Adventures.


Near the end of the Tower of Flames, Kaepora Gaebora arrived and told the Links that darkness had gathered over Hyrule Castle, despite the fact that they believed they had vanquished the evil on their previous visit.[1] They tell the Green Maiden, and she agrees that they should head back to the castle.[2] After fighting their way through The Field and The Swamp, they finally arrive at the castle and must sneak in to rescue the next Maiden.


The level takes place entirely at night, while the Links are trying to sneak into the castle. Most of the exterior is combed by searchlights. If the Links break a pot, the searchlights immediately shift to the location where it broke in search of the source of the noise. One way to avoid them is to dive under the water. When the Links are caught in the searchlight, an alarm sounds and they are thrown in one of two prison cells, depending on where they are in the castle. For the first, they have to use the Boomerang to get the key and escape the cell to try to run away again. The second requires the use of the Bow.

Within castle it is different and much more ominous. They immediately descend into the castle's basement. The area is lit exclusively by torches, with many sections of the castle being dark and covered in shadows. As a result, the limited lighting is mostly tinted with red. Several puzzles have to do with light. The Dark World is featured at one point inside of the castle as well.



The Boomerang, Magic Hammer, Bow and Lamp make an appearance in this stage. The Boomerang, however, is only required if the Links are caught by the guards and trapped in jail, and the Hammer is not necessary at all. It only provides an alternate route through the water surrounding the Castle if they cannot make it past the searchlights on land. Both of those items are found in first jail room.

The Bow and the Lamp, on the other hand, are located inside of the castle's basement. The Bow, found inside of the Dark World, is used the most often in puzzles that usually require creating light, such as hitting switches that light torches, or shooting an arrow through a torch's flame to light other torches beyond it. The Lamp is used at the end of the stage after unlocking a door with the second key. The Links must light four torches at once in order to enter the boss's room, where the battle also uses the Lamp.

Heart Containers

Two Heart Containers are available, both available quite early in the stage. Both are located in Treasure Chests near the searchlights. However, the first can be easily missed if the Links use the Magic Hammer to take the route through the water instead of sneaking by land.

Force Fairy

An extra Force Fairy is located in the very first area of the stage. It is trapped inside of a bush in the southeastern corner.

Moon Pearl

The Moon Pearl is obtained by having all four Links pull a switch in a room with Anti-Fairies. Once it has extended completely, the Moon Pearl falls from the ceiling. It will open a Moon Gate in the southern section of the same room, which lets the Links obtain the Bow.


There are two keys in this stage. The first is in the first jail cell inside of a pot. The Links can use the Boomerang from within the cell to break the pot and bring the key toward them, allowing them to unlock the cage.

The second is at the end of the stage, and it is used to unlock the room hiding all of the Lamps. It is within a Treasure Chest and guarded by two searchlights.


There are only five Keese in the whole level, with all of them being found near the beginning of the stage, outside, with the searchlights. Ghini and Anti-Fairies are abundant within the castle and its basement, and some Ghini even appear out of Treasure Chests. A few Anti-Fairies can also be found within the Dark World, after using the Moon Pearl.

Shadow Links

Infiltration of Hyrule Castle has two Shadow Links. Both of them dash into the wall and become dizzy before disappearing. One can be found in the first prison room, where the Links are trapped. The second is outside on the castle grounds. When the second one dashes, he breaks several pots in the process. The searchlights notice him, but then drift away from him.


Main article: Jalhalla

Fought for the second time, Jalhalla is the boss of Infiltration of Hyrule Castle. He was first encountered in the previous stage, The Swamp. However, this time he will inhale the Links, forcing them to destroy a smaller Poe-like creature within himself to ultimately defeat him. The Lamp is used in this battle, and many Ghini appear throughout it.


After slaying Jalhalla and destroying the Eye Barriers, the White Shrine Maiden is free. She tells the Links the story of the Dark Mirror and how her forest, the region she watches over, has been turned into a land of darkness.[3] She asks the Links to go there and retrieve the Dark Mirror.[4] Finally, she breaks free from her crystal prison and turns into a fairy. The Links can then access the Lost Woods and The Dark World level.


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