Death Mountain Foothills

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Death Mountain Foothills is first stage of Death Mountain. It is a grassy area containing many steep climbs. It also contains multitudes of enemies that must be destroyed with medallions.


Moving House

Along the way the Links encounter a man who has built his house to be movable. It is completely fireproof and can be easily moved when the Links push it. Unfortunately, he cannot put furniture inside as it would then be too heavy.[1] The Links can push the house to destroy the Deadrocks in the area and obtain the Magic Hammer. The man is jealous after the Links push it around, since he realizes he cannot push it on his own.[2]

Hebra's Hill

Main article: Hebra's Hill
Hebra's Hill

One of the most notable features is Hebra's Hill, which can be found shortly before The Mountain Path. According to an old man found among the foothills, people who enter the region become eternally lost. The only way to avoid this is to remain focused on the goal and continue forward.[3] As a result, the Links must climb upward five times in order to progress.


The foothills are populated by a few large groups of enemies. There are hordes of Buzz Blobs, Hinoxes, Soldiers, and Deadrocks that must be destroyed. Only a single Force Gem Knight can be found, and Keese are only located in caves. A few Shadow Links appear, two with Fire Rods and another with just their sword. Zols only appear when the Links destroy a group of Hinoxes with the Quake Medallion.



The main inventory items are the Bow, Boomerang, and Magic Hammer. The Bow is used primarily to create a path to proceed onward by hitting a switch. It also reveals the path to a Heart Container. The Boomerang is used to hit switches and can help stun Buzz Blobs. The Magic Hammer destroys Deadrocks and Moles. There is one Bombos Medallion which is used to destroy a horde of Buzz Blobs. The Quake Medallion is found later and offered to the Links by a mage in order to turn Hinoxes into Zols.[4]

Heart Containers

There are two Heart Containers in the foothills. The first is obtained by having one Link push down a switch and another shoot switches with arrows to make a pathway to the Heart Container's treasure chest. The other is closer to the exit hidden in a pit under a bush. The Links must hit a switch within with the Boomerang to activate a pathway to the Heart Container chest.

Force Fairy

An extra Force Fairy can be obtained within a cave in an area surrounded by Deadrocks. The Links must destroy the Moles using the Magic Hammer and then break the pot to reveal the fairy.


A Chief Soldier surrounded by a little over a dozen Soldiers serves as the boss of Death Mountain Foothills. At first, the Chief Soldier is accompanied only by three green guards, but several blue Soldiers appear shortly after. Once they are defeated, the Links receive many Force Gems.



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