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Force Gem
Force Gem from Spirit Tracks



Force Gems are items obtainable within many Zelda games. They are small triangular gems, that have different purposes depending on which game is being played.


Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, Force Gems are found throughout Hyrule, and must be collected by Link in order to create enough power in the Four Sword to break Vaati's seals, which are found at the end of each sub-level.

Image Name Value
Force Gem 1.gif
Small Green Force Gem 1
Force Gem 5.gif
Small Blue Force Gem 5
Force Gem 20.gif
Small Red Force Gem 20
Force Gem 50.gif
Small Purple Force Gem 50
Force Gem 100.gif
Big Green Force Gem 100
Force Gem 150.gif
Big Blue Force Gem 150
Force Gem 200.gif
Big Red Force Gem 200
Force Gem 300.gif
Big Purple Force Gem 300
Force Gem 1000.gif
Giant Green Force Gem 1000
Force Gem 1500.gif
Giant Blue Force Gem 1500
Force Gem 2000.gif
Giant Red Force Gem 2000
Force Gem 3000.gif
Giant Purple Force Gem 3000

Phantom Hourglass

While exploring the Temple of the Ocean King, Link comes across locked doors that can only be unlocked once three Force Gems are placed in their pedestal. While gathering and placing the Force Gems, Link must evade the Phantoms that patrol the hallways of the temple. Oshus also mentions that Force Gems are what gives the Phantom Hourglass its mysterious powers.


Force Gems are also utilized in Phantom Hourglass's Multiplayer Battle Mode, in which players must gather Force Gems to earn points. This can be achieved by either finding the gems yourself, or attacking them out of other players and thus stealing them.

Spirit Tracks

See also: Spirit Tracks Force Gems

Force Gems are the rewards that Link acquires in Spirit Tracks after completing various side quests. They typically involve Link hauling over ice, lumber, Cuccos, or chauffeuring people places from one location to another in order to improve the lives of the citizens and others of New Hyrule. Link can gain a total of 20 Force Gems in the game, with two of them being mandatory to finish the game. When Link acquires a Force Gem, his Rail Map starts to glow, causing new Spirit Tracks to form and often leading Link to acquire secret items, Heart Containers, the ability to discover more Rabbits, secret stations, or other secrets.


Force Gems are also encountered in the game's Multiplayer mode. Players must compete to collect as many Force Gems as possible before the time runs out, and simultaneously avoid Phantoms that will cause Link to lose them, should he be hit.


  • In Four Swords Adventures, whilst there are excess Force Gems lying around, Tingle might fly around to try and pick them up. If they are too big for him to lift, then he stops attempting to pick them up and whines off the screen.