Desert Temple (Four Swords Adventures)

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This article is about the level in Four Swords Adventures. For the dungeon in A Link to the Past, see Desert Palace. For the dungeon in Spirit Tracks, see Sand Temple.
Desert Temple
Desert Temple.png
Entrance to the Desert Temple





The Desert Temple is the second stage of the The Desert of Doubt, the sixth level in Four Swords Adventures. A large portion of the dungeon is blocked off until Link and his doppelgangers travel to the east and activate a switch turning the interior into a sandy desert realm.

The Magic Hammer and Hero's Bow appear to assist in the extermination of enemies. The Eyegores present in the enemy lair can solely be defeated with the latter.

At dungeon's end, Link and his clones confront Gohma followed by four Shadow Links. This opens access to the Pyramid stage.