The Mountain Path

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The Mountain Path is second stage of Death Mountain in Four Swords Adventures. It contains many caves and ladders to climb toward Death Mountain's peak and ultimately reach the Tower of Flames. Several Gorons are also encountered along the way.


Movable House

Like Death Mountain Foothills, the Mountain Path features a movable house. Although it seems to be built on an empty lot, it blocks the entrance to a Goron's secret stash of oil jars, which is his most precious belonging.[1] The Goron continues to shake the house to try and move it, so the owner of the house puts down pegs to keep the building in place.[2] However, the Links can flatten the pegs using a Magic Hammer found inside the house and then move it to access the jars of oil. The owner of the house is very distressed by this, but the Goron is relieved that he can now move the house around.[3][4][5]

The New Road

The Links throwing jars to light the bombs

Within the level the Links encounter four big bombs with unlit fuses leading to them. A Goron within a nearby cave claims he set up these bombs to blast a new road, but he forgot to bring something to light them with.[6] By bringing jars of oil from a previous area, the Links can explode these bombs and create the new path.

Great Fairy Fountain

A hole leading to a Great Fairy Fountain can be found if the Links blow up the top left bomb on the screen with the new road. The Great Fairy will upgrade their current item.

The Hidden Goron

In one area, the Links will come across a locked door. A pair of Gorons nearby say that they are upset by another Goron who is apparently afraid of fire.[7] They also say that he must have buried himself and has the key.[8] By using the Magic Hammer on mounds nearby, the Links will find numerous Gorons hiding in the ground, including the one with a key.[9][10][11]




There are several items on this stage that can be used. The Links will also utilize jars of water and oil. When the Links throw these, they will put out fires or create fire respectively.[12][13]

Blue Bracelet

Outside of the movable house there are several Force Gems encased in stone. The Links can use the jars of oil in the cave behind the house to break the stone and make them collectible. By doing this in the southwest corner, the Links will find a hole which contains the Blue Bracelet.

Heart Container

An extra Heart Container can be found while searching for a Goron hiding in the ground. By charging up their Magic Hammer, the Links can see mounds in the ground. The westmost mound hides a Heart Container.

Force Fairy

An extra Force Fairy can be obtained by flattening the top left Mole in a circle inside of a cave.


The mini-boss of this stage consists of Shadow Links wielding Bombs. Sometimes the Shadow Links will escape into the two houses nearby or transform into a particular colored Link.


Main article: Helmaroc King
The Helmaroc King battle

The Helmaroc King has been bothering the Gorons of the region for a while.[14] Some of the Gorons claim its mask is very scary.[15] When the Links fight the bird, they can find a tablet that lays out a plan for the Gorons to knock the bird out of the sky using bombs. However, they have no plan beyond that.[16]

The Links can throw Bombs at the bird to ground it. It will then either land on the ground or become stuck in the walls of one of the nearby caves, allowing the Links to smash its mask with the Magic Hammer. Once the mask is gone, the Links can finish off the Helmaroc King using their swords.



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