Lake Hylia (Four Swords Adventures)

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This article is about the stage from Four Swords Adventures. For Lake Hylia in other games, see Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia is the first stage in Four Swords Adventures.

Four Swords Adventures


A Map of Lake Hylia in Four Swords Adventures.

Lake Hylia is the first stage in Whereabouts of the Wind and in Four Swords Adventures. It serves primarily as a tutorial stage for the game, introducing Link to various combat styles, items, and other aspects of the game. It is filled with much scenery, including trees, rivers, waterfalls and caves. Link meets Kaepora Gaebora for the first time early in the stage, as well as Tingle later on.[1] After obtaining and using various items to navigate the Lake, Link must defeat a group of Soldiers and their Leader, Chief Soldier. Afterwards, Link must break the Barrier of Darkness at the end of the level, allowing him access to the Cave of No Return.


Formations Trainer

FSA Formations House.png

Right at the entrance of Lake Hylia is a house where a former castle guard lives.[2] In single-player, he will teach the Links and his grandkids about formations.[3]

Locked House

The Links can grab a key using the boomerang to enter a locked house. Inside is a woman who was locked within her home, likely by Shadow Link.[4] In her backyard, there is also a man who claims to be training to become strong.[5] She allows the Links to take the Fire Rod.[6]

Under the Bridge

The Links can dive under a bridge and find a secret area. By picking up a large rock here, they can meet Tingle, who claims to have been looking for Force Gems in hopes of becoming a fairy. [7]



The Boomerang and the Fire Rod can be found within this stage. The Boomerang is used to collect items such as small keys from far away and the Fire Rod is needed to burn down tree stumps.

Heart Containers

The first Heart Container can be found inside a cave behind a waterfall. Once the Links step on all four switches within the adjacent cave, a path is revealed that leads across a pit to the Heart Container's chest.

A second Heart Container can be found across the bridge after fighting several Soldiers. The Links can then stand on four switches and reveal two treasure chests, one of which contains the Heart Container.

Blue Bracelet

The Blue Bracelet can be found in an underwater passage. When the Links fall into a whirlpool, they will need to swim and then cross a gap. When the step on a switch in a box formation, a cave entrance opens that reveals to chests. The one on the right contains the Blue Bracelet.

Force Fairy

An additional Force Fairy can be found under a bush just past the underwater passage.


The main enemies of this stage are Soldiers and Octoroks. However, Shadow Link does appear twice, and there is one River Zora and one Zol. Cheep-Cheeps can be seen in various water features, but the Links do not actually fight them.

The stage ends by fighting a Chief Soldier with a small group of additional Soldiers.


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