Lake Hylia (Four Swords Adventures)

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This article is about the stage from Four Swords Adventures. For Lake Hylia in other games, see Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia is the first stage in Four Swords Adventures.

Four Swords Adventures


A Map of Lake Hylia in Four Swords Adventures.

Lake Hylia is the first stage in Whereabouts of the Wind, and in Four Swords Adventures. It serves primarily as a tutorial stage for the game, introducing Link to various combat styles, items, and other aspects of the game. It is filled with much scenery, including trees, rivers, waterfalls and caves. Link meets Kaepora Gaebora for the first time early in the stage, as well as Tingle later on. After obtaining and using various items to navigate the Lake, Link must defeat a group of Soldiers and their Leader, Chief Soldier. Afterwards, Link must break the Eye Barriers at the end of the level, allowing him access to the Cave of No Return.