Blue Bracelet

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The Blue Bracelet is an item found in Four Swords Adventures. Located in several stages, the item can be discovered from a Treasure Chest. It halves all damage that the Links receive, making it very useful for improving defense.[1] The effects last for the duration the stage after it is obtained, and its symbol remains above the equipped item button to show that it is in use.

It is first found in the first stage of the game, Lake Hylia, behind a wall opened with a bomb in a cave under a whirlpool. After that, it is found in many other stages, including the second stage, Cave of No Return. The only full level that does not have a Blue Bracelet is The Dark World. During the Tower of Winds stage, two Blue Bracelets can be found, and there are three in the Palace of Winds. No other stage has more than one.


  1. "You got a blue bracelet! You feel like you're stronger than steel! Damage is now reduced by half!" — In-Game Description, Four Swords Adventures.