12.1 Bow and Arrow

Once you arrive on the ship there is only one place to go, so head through the door at the west end of the deck. Go down the staircase and then take the pathway to the right. Defeat the keese found here and head through the door.

Use a bomb to defeat the electro spume and then run across the sand. Run down the hallway and head down the staircase. Defeat the army of aracha found in this hallway and then head down the hall. You can save your progress if you’d like and can even sit on the nearby stool to restore your health. There is a large locked door here and this is the entrance to the dungeon boss. However, we have a long ways to go before we get there. Run down the northern hallway and enter the door.

Defeat the arachas in this room and then pull out your gust bellows. Clear all the sand in the room and you’ll find four circular symbols on the ground. Each of them has a number of red spokes, and the top of the symbol is the side the red spokes are on. Look at the one with just 1 red spoke and you’ll see the light is at the bottom of the symbol. If you look at the next three of them in order, you’ll see the lights are Top, Bottom, and Right, respectively. This means that the order in the room is Bottom, Top, Bottom, and Right. Look at the locked door in the first room and you’ll see another one of those gem locks. Hit the crystals in the correct order and the door will open up. Go inside and open the treasure chest here to get a small key.

Now that we have a small key, we want to backtrack to the very first room we entered from outside. Save your game at the bird statue if you’d like. Then use the small key to head through and take on the dungeon mini-boss, Scervo.

The whole battle takes place on a narrow platform. Run forward and the battle will begin. Strike at Scervo where its sword and shield are not blocking. Follow-up with consecutive sword slashes to knock Scervo back. You can use straight forward sword thrusts to knock him back as they are quite effective. The key is that if Scervo blocks any of your attacks, he’ll immediately follow it up with an attack of his own, so take a step back. Alternatively, when Scervo attacks you can deliver a shield bash, stunning Scervo in the process. You can also use the Gust Jar to stop Scervo from moving, and keeping him back near the edge of the platform. Keep hitting Scervo to knock him towards the end of the plank. This will cause Scervo to pull the wooden spike at the end of the platform closer, making the battle space smaller.

Repeat the same process of slowly but surely knocking Scervo back. During the second phase, Scervo will sometimes attack twice in a row, so be patient. It’s important to get successful hits early on, to avoid the spike that is at your back. Keep knocking Scervo back until he’s right at the edge.

Scervo will move the spike even closer, but this time he doesn’t have a sword. You don’t have much room behind you at all, but because he doesn’t have a sword, it’s easier to land hits. During this phase it’s important to be more aggressive. When he is winding up to hit you, deliver a hit before he can do so, and he’ll be sent back. You’ll need to be more precise with your shield bash in order to knock Scervo back. Keep at it and knock him off the edge.

Once Scervo has been defeated, open the treasure chest to get the Bow, the final regular item in the game. Fi mentions that there is a specific object don the deck that you can hit with your bow. You can stop in the next room and sit on the stool here to regain your health. Afterwards, make your way to the deck.

12.2 Dungeon Map

Once you arrive at the deck, pull out your bow and shoot the blue target. This will raise a timeshift stone above. Use another arrow to hit the timeshift stone, sending it back to the past where the ship is now filled with bokoblins. One of the bokoblins closes the gate where the timeshift stone is located.

You can pull out your bow and shoot all of the bokoblin archers that are shooting at you from afar, or you can wait until you get closer. Run on over to the main mast the timeshift stone is on and climb up the tall ladder. Defeat the bokoblins here and then turn to the right. You’ll see a zip line but there is no bar for you to grab onto. Look at the other end and you’ll see a blue target in the distance. Hit it with an arrow and the bar will come rolling down the line. Grab onto it and ride over to the higher platform.

Defeat any bokoblins that are here and then run across the plank. Once again shoot the blue target in the distance and use the lift pulley to get to the higher platform. Defeat the bokoblin here and then stick your sword into the switch. Turn it clockwise and press it in, opening the cover around the timeshift stone.

You can hit the blue target at the east end of the ship and ride the bar using the pulley lift here. Drop down to the deck level and look to the east part of the ship to find a clawshot target. If you look down below you’ll see a series of clawshot targets. You can safely just drop as there is a wooden deck below. Open the treasure chest found here to get Piece of Heart #15!

Use the clawshot targets to climb back up onto the deck and then jump down one level towards the center of the deck. Along the east end of the ship you’ll see a locked door, but if you glance just to the north there is a dinghy (small boat) hanging there. Use your bow to hit the blue switch that is just above the dinghy and it will lower to the area below. There is no use to this just yet, but it will create a shortcut later on.

Run back to the west end of the ship and head through the door. Head down the stairs and make your way through the door on the right side. Defeat the technoblins that are found in this room and then head to the small room at the northwest part of the ship. Fi will call for you and mention that you can see out through the hole in the ceiling. Pull out your bow and hit the timeshift stone to get back to the present. Run on over to the adjacent room and open the treasure chest here to get the Dungeon Map. Grab the nearby lever here to open the gate.

12.3 Squid Carving

Now that you have the dungeon map, run across the quicksand and keep an eye on the right side of the room. There is a propeller that is not operational. Use your bow through the propeller and you’ll see a blue switch in the distance. Hit the blue switch and the nearby door will open so head on through.

Defeat the thunder keese that are found here and then move the block out of the way. Stand on the switch at the east end of the room and another blue switch will appear in the distance. Without getting off that switch, carefully aim across to the adjacent room and hit the blue switch with an arrow. This will open up the next room.

Run all the way back to the treasure chest where we got the dungeon map and head to the adjacent room. Use the bow to shoot the timeshift stone, activating the ship once again.

Run down the hallway and enter the first door on the right. Defeat the technoblin that is found here and you’ll see a strange device at the back of this room. This is one of the two power generators located within the Sandship. Stick your sword into the power generator, turn the dial, and press it in, starting up the power generator. There is a second generator in the ship that we will need to activate.

Go back into the hall and enter the second door on the left. Here you will find two technoblins, so defeat them with a few sword slashes. There is a floor switch in this area, along with a steel block. Push the block so that it is on top of the switch, causing the windows of the ship to open up. If you lowered the dinghy earlier, you’ll see it in the first window. Jump onto the dinghy and use an arrow to hit the blue switch, bringing the dinghy back to the deck. (If you didn’t lower the dinghy earlier, just go the long way to return to the deck.)

Once you are back at the deck, use the bow to hit the timeshift stone once again. Then, while standing on the dinghy, hit the blue switch just above and it will lower down. Jump into the window and walk on over to the adjacent room.

Jump and pull the lever here to unlock the door. Afterwards, stand underneath the sunlight and aim through the hole above. Hit the timeshift stone once again. Use your sword to activate this power generator just like the previous one.

We now want to get back to the adjacent room, but without hitting the timeshift stone. Leave the room using the door, head down the hallway, and enter through the other doorway on the same side of the hallway.

Climb out of the second window that doesn’t have the dinghy. There is a ladder here, so climb down to the floor below. Walk around this area and head through the door at the end of the corridor. Now that both power generators are activated, everything in this area is in motion. This first section is relatively straightforward to get past. Once the blocks move, run by them and eventually climb the ladder at the end.

Use the whip on the bar that is hanging down on the left. Stop swinging and turn to the west. Swing to the west and climb the ladder here where you will find five treasure chests. These contain three treasures, and two Silver Rupees. Afterwards drop back down, climb the nearby ladder and then swing across using the whip.

As soon as the first few blocks lift up, just sprint across and climb the ladder. For the next part you are going to need to use the whip on the bar above. Use it and swing over to the next box. Stand on this box until it is at the highest point and wait until the next box is at the lowest point. Jump on over and then run to the higher platform.

Jump up and pull the lever to make the nearby gate open, so you don’t have to backtrack through these boxes. Crawl through the small hole here, climb the ladder, and pull the lever. This will free the robots that were imprisoned in the brig of the Sandship.

The robot here says you need to go to the Captain’s Cabin and will give you a small key. The robot will mark the entrance to the cabin on your map. Backtrack through that small hole and avoid the moving platforms for a shortcut back.  Continue backtracking all the way until you get back to the deck. You can use the dinghy to make for quicker transportation.

Once you are on the deck, hit the timeshift stone so that you are back in the present. Use the small key on the locked door that is at the east end of the deck. Run down the steps here and go through the passageway at the far left of this room.

Stand underneath the hole in the ceiling and aim your bow upwards. Hit the timeshift stone, causing a technoblin and beamos to both appear in this room. These two enemies can be quite deadly in combination. Defeat both of them and then stand on the floor switch at the north end of the room. Aim through the small hole that opens up and hit the blue switch that is in the distance, causing the nearby door to open up.

There are three beamos statues in this room and they can be quite difficult to defeat. Take them out one by one as quickly as possible. You can now use the Bow to shoot an arrow directly into their eye, killing them in one shot. Once all three have been defeated, two gates will lift in this room. Open up the treasure chest to get the Squid Carving.

Now that we have the boss key, we can head all the way back to the other side of the ship. Fi will mark an ‘X’ on your map where you need to go. You can use the dinghy to quickly get down to the floor below, but either way, make your way down to the control room. Right near the locked door, you can sit down on the stool to restore your health and you might want to save your game using the bird statue. Afterwards, place the Squid Carving into the large door and head inside.

12.4 Abyssal Leviathan: Tentalus

Once you enter the room, these giant tentacles will appear. It appears there is a giant monster outside of the ship. You need to make your way back to the deck. However, as you start heading back, several sets of tentacles will get in your way. You cannot slash away with your regular sword, but if you deliver a Skyward Strike, the tentacles will break.

Use Skyward Strikes and make your way all the way back to the deck of the ship. As you progress, parts of the ship will start to sink underwater. Don’t mind these at all and just keep progressing along. Barrels will start falling as well, but they shouldn’t be too hard to avoid. Once you reach the top of the final steps, head through the door to take on the dungeon boss, Tentalus.

During the first phase of the battle, a number of the tentacles will come up from underneath the ship. Just constantly charge a Skyward Strike and hit as many of these tentacles as you can. When you hit these tentacles, swing your sword horizontally, so that the tentacles are actually cut off from the boss. Some of these tentacles will try to grab at you, so either hit them quickly with a Skyward Strike, or try to dodge them. If they do grab you, just shake the Wiimote to free yourself.

After cutting several tentacles, Tentalus will come from underwater and will try to strike you with its tentacles once again. Pull out your bow and shoot an arrow at the eye of Tentalus. Tentalus will come crashing down, so run on over and deliver as many sword slashes to its eye as fast as you can.

You’ll have to repeat this whole process a few times and each time it gets progressively more difficult. The tentacles will come up more frequently from underneath the ship and more of them will come up at a time. Just keep delivering horizontal Skyward Strikes to cut them off. Hit the eye of Tentalus several more times and he’ll eventually start hammering down on the ship with its tentacles. This will cause one of the nearby boxes to fall to the lower level. Run on over and use the box to reach the other platform. Tentalus will dive underwater and appear at the other end of the ship.

In this final phase of the battle Tentalus will send its tentacles at you once again, but this time the ends of the tentacles will have teeth and try to knock you off the ship. If they knock you off, you’ll lose a heart and just reappear back on the ship. Simply use your sword to slash these tentacles away. When you have an opening, pull out your bow and shoot the eye of Tentalus once again. Run on over and deliver the final blows with your sword.

After Tentalus has been defeated, collect the Heart Container that is left behind. Use a Skyward Strike on the emblem to trigger a cut-scene. Link will get his sword powered up by the Flames of Nayru. You’ll now have the ability to dowse for 4 additional items, and the Goddess Longsword will become the Goddess White Sword.

Our next stop is the Isle of Songs. We’ll head on over there in the next chapter. See you then!