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The Minish Cap
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Japan November 4, 2004
Europe November 12, 2004
United States January 10, 2005
Australia April 7, 2005

3DS Virtual Console (Ambassadors)

Australia December 15, 2011
United States December 16, 2011
Europe December 16, 2011
Japan December 16, 2011

United States June 5, 2014
Japan April 30, 2014
Europe May 29, 2014
Australia May 29, 2014

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

🌎 February 8, 2023










Nearly two years after the release of The Wind Waker, Nintendo released the next handheld adventure in the The Legend of Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. This time utilizing a modified version of the Four Swords art style altered to be more in line with The Wind Waker art style. The game uses an improved version of the interface found in the Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles.

This game introduced a new race to the series which hasn't been seen in any other game since: the Minish (or Picori). These small creatures can only be seen by children, meaning that Link can interact with them throughout his adventure. Early on in the game, Link meets up with Ezlo, a transfigured Minish who joins Link as his iconic cap and gives tips along the way. Using Ezlo's mystical powers, Link is able to shrink down at various portals throughout Hyrule and enter the small world of the Minish, solving puzzles and entering dungeons that were previously inaccessible.

One of the game's primary goals is to gather the Four Elements in order to restore power to the Four Sword, allowing Link to progressively split into mirror images of himself in order to battle enemies and solve puzzles. That, along with the final boss, reveals that this game is the prequel to the Four Swords games, setting the stage for those adventures.

Many of the sounds, including Link's voice, were taken from Ocarina of Time, though the game resembles The Wind Waker more.

While only being released for the Game Boy Advance for nearly seven years, The Minish Cap was released on the 3DS Virtual Console as a part of the exclusive ten Game Boy Advance games for the Ambassador program. Three years after the re-release, The Minish Cap was released on the Wii U Virtual Console, being the first time non-Ambassadors could play it since its initial release.

With the February 8, 2023 Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Game Boy Advance games were coming to the Nintendo Switch subscription service Switch Online's higher-tier "Expansion Pack". The first set of games was released the same day, including The Minish Cap.


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Princess Zelda visits her childhood friend, Link, who lives with his grandfather, the royal blacksmith, Smith. Smith asks Link to bring a sword he created to the King of Hyrule to present to the winner of the tournament at the Picori Festival, in celebration of when the Picori last came to Hyrule 100 years ago to the day. The two go to Hyrule Town to join in the festivities. After, the King presents the winner of the tournament with Smith's sword and allows them to touch the sacred Picori Blade, binding the Bound Chest shut. However, it is revealed that the winner, Vaati, has malicious intent, and breaks the Picori Blade, opening the Bound Chest and flooding Hyrule with monsters. He then turns Princess Zelda to stone and flees the area. Vaati was after the Light Force, that golden light that was once wielded by the hero mentioned in the legends of the Picori.

This game follows the young Link who sets out on a quest to save Princess Zelda from the evil Wind Mage Vaati, who also causes trouble for the rest of Hyrule. To Link's aid come the small Picori and a strange talking cap named Ezlo, who grants Link the ability to turn into the size of a Picori and hops on his head as a hat.







Other media

The Legend of Zelda Triforce GBA SP

In Europe, the game could also be obtained by a limited edition bundle with a golden Game Boy Advance Supreme crested with a Triforce. Only 25,000 were given to stores. However, Nintendo created 300 Limited Edition Collectors Boxes. The boxes contained: The Minish Cap; the Golden GBA SP and a long sleeved shirt and hat.

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