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Lolly is a character featured in The Minish Cap. He is a small child and he is best friends with Candy and Zill. All three of them can be found together in the Happy Hearth Inn.

Lolly has a great interest in the Picori and very early on in the game, claims that he actually saw one of them.[1] He later tells Link that only kids can see the Picori.[2][3]

Link is able to fuse a Green Kinstone with Lolly at various points in the game. As it is a Green Kinstone fusion, it is not set to a specific reward, but instead, one of the many possible rewards throughout the Overworld.



  1. "Hey, guy, have you ever seen the Picori? I saw one just the other day! It wore a red cone-shaped hat, and it was really small... And it was standing inside my dad's shoe! I really saw it! I swear!" — Lolly, The Minish Cap.
  2. "Hey, you wanna know what I heard? I heard that only kids can see the Picori!" — Lolly, The Minish Cap.
  3. "I wonder if we can see the Picori, too." — Lolly, The Minish Cap.